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  • Duty Free (flight Crew Book Four) by Poppy Snow

    0 out of 5

    Junior Flight Attendant, Bonnie Oliver, not only enjoys a hot threesome with two horny store clerks in an airport duty-free shop, but gets an on board scolding and orgasm from her handsome pilot boyfriend, Captain Jack Morgan!

  • The Layover by Poppy Snow

    0 out of 5

    Junior Flight Attendant, Bonnie Oliver, works hard to keep her promise to Captain Jack that she remain faithful, but she’s just too horny to behave. In this volume, she services herself and rides a cowboy mid-flight. On a layover, she’s whisked by private jet to an ocean villa where she experiences the thrill of her first threesome!

  • The Landing Strip by Poppy Snow

    0 out of 5

    Junior Flight Attendant, Bonnie Oliver, not only enjoys a hot passenger encounter with a stranger in the back of a cab and the stockroom of a Chinese grocery, but her first time with lesbian Senior Flight Attendant, Rachel Reynolds!

  • The Cockpit by Poppy Snow

    0 out of 5

    Junior Flight Attendant, Bonnie Oliver, shares a wild passenger encounter with a stranger, flirts with her favorite lesbian Senior Flight Attendant, and finally loses her virginity to her sexy captain.

  • Ache for Austin by Sharon Love

    0 out of 5

    Austin is one of those men women ache to be near and the little sister of his high school friend is no different. Amber longs to be close to him even if it is under false pretenses.

    Austin’s a toucher, flirtatious even. He’s always there offering a hug, lingering his hand on a woman’s knee and winking with a suggestive smile.

    How could Amber resist him? She almost didn’t right before she moved away for ten years. Her high school reunion brought her back in town. She could no longer ignore the repressed desires teenage Amber had for Austin. She takes him to the reunion and discovers the desires he kept to himself for too long.

  • She Watches Him Masturbate by Jenny Evans

    0 out of 5

    Jessie has a good looking new assistant. When she catches him masturbating she can’t stop watching. Where will things lead?

    (Male/female, short story, straight sex, graphic, erotica)

  • Revolting Youth by H J Lawson

    0 out of 5

    Luko thought life couldn’t get much worse after his mother died, and his father turned to alcohol.

    He was wrong. A childhood hatred between Shihid and Luko takes a deadly twist when Shihid joins the army.

    Luko’s life is ripped apart when soldiers invade his hometown, recruiting men to join their army.

    When Luko’s father and his best friend are taken… Luko does the only thing he can do – fight against an army of killers.

  • I Married A Whore by Robert Pierce

    0 out of 5

    I am a normal guy. And I thought I had a normal wife. Until one day I caught her having sex on-line. And I found I the kind of woman I married.

  • After The Rain by Rachel Pierre

    0 out of 5

    Beth has prepared weeks for her wedding anniversary. But when her husband is caught cheating with the office secretary she falls into a vortex of depression.

    Driving away into the biggest storm of the year, her car careens out of control and she crashes into a ditch.

    Out of nowhere, a man stops to help. And when she looks into his eyes, she realizes that she may have found her savior, both in life and love…

  • Nerd Girl by Rachel Pierre

    0 out of 5

    Emily has been a nerd her whole life. She was fat, short and dumpy.

    After graduating from high school, however, she experienced an inexplicable growth spurt. She grew a few inches taller and lost thirty pounds.

    The ugly duckling had become a swan. The “nerdy girl” had become the “hottie”.

    Flash forward five years later and Emily is eager to experience all the sex that she has missed out on during her nerd years. She tries to decide between her domineering boss at work who makes her heart pound or the half-Irish, half-Samoan college football hunk that she tutors on weekend.

    Emily can’t seem to decide on the two. But maybe, just maybe, she can have both….

  • Taming Trish by Robert Pierce

    0 out of 5

    Rob is film director who hires an unknown actress named Trish for a horror movie. Her head shot leaves him in awe and in person she is even more exquisite. But Trish is shy and needs some coaxing to get her out of her shell. All of the talking and encouragement in the world isn’t helping….until she sees the bulge in Rob’s pants.

  • Amish Romance: Prairie Princess by Michelle Eastwood

    0 out of 5

    Levi and Eli are like brothers and they were supposed to go herding together, but when Eli had an accident, his wife had to come instead. During the time spent herding sheep together in the prairie they start to feel attracted to each other. But fearing the community’s and her husbands response and consequences of their actions Rebecca and Levi have to sort out their real feelings and decide what is the correct thing to do.

  • From Best Friends to Lovers by April Dryad

    0 out of 5

    June has never seen Jason. Not face-to-face, at least. They have been chatting online for ten years, and she can easily say he’s her best friend. Now that she has finally put an end to a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, she decides to pay Jason a visit and see if he really is the guy he appears to be on webcam. She’s not sure the ten days she plans to spend with him will mean anything. After all, she might not like him at all and be back home the next morning. But she has been alone for too long and she’s willing to take her chance.

    Jason is waiting for her at the bus station. His kiss, the touch of his hand, the way he smells of cigarettes and cologne… June is confused. He’s not exactly how she pictured him in her mind, but she can’t back down now. She knows him well enough to trust him, and they can still stick to being friends. However, once she finds herself in his bedroom, things take a different turn and June might just find out that he’s way better than she could have ever imagined.

    Approximate length: 6,200 words (short story)

    Content warning: This book contains explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for readers 18+.

  • The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I by Silk Jones

    0 out of 5

    The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I is a short story about a laid off legal secretary who, curious about the B.D.S.M. lifestyle, responds to an ad in a lifestyle magazine placed by a law firm seeking a “submis

  • Rapture: A Billionaire BWWM Romance by Jada Jordan

    0 out of 5

    Shalisa “Shay” Monroe is a beautiful woman of African American and Italian descent. She’s a classically trained chef in need of employment. She’s busy looking for a job, not a man.

    Until she meets dashing billionaire River McAlister, the new co-owner of a trendy restaurant in New York City. He offers her a job as head chef for his restaurant.

    Shay and River fall hard and fast for each other. Her job and life are perfect until River’s partner, Theo, brings his ex-con brother Nicky to work in the restaurant.

  • Pearls of Passion by Chantilly White

    0 out of 5

    Shy librarian Sabrina has had her heart set on Robert, her hunky, reserved colleague, for months. Now she’s taking matters into her own hands. . . and anywhere else she can manage. But once she’s had her way with him, will she end up with the love match she craves even more than his luscious body? A short, H-O-T contemporary romance, Pearls of Passion is 6,000 words (about 15 pages).