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  • Welcome Home, Soldier: A Military Romance by Ann Harlow

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    After serving overseas in the military, Captain Tom Reilly arrives back home in California, excited to be reunited with his fiancee, Susan Jamison. They have not seen each other for two years and Tom wonders if the spark between them still remains. He wants to get back to the way things were but worries that he is not the same man he used to be.

    Susan is overjoyed to see the man she’s going to marry. That joy, however, is overshadowed by a guilty conscience. Susan has been keeping a secret from her fiance, one that will have a big impact on their relationship and future. The fear of losing him due to her trepidation has kept her from being completely honest with him for quite some time. When she finally reveals the truth to Tom, will it bring them closer together or ultimately drive them apart?
    Welcome Home, Soldier is a 33,164 word contemporary romance novella.

  • The Billionaire’s Secret Desires: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Series (Book One) by Bella Forbes

    0 out of 5

    Zoe Anderson, a fresh college graduate, has just begun her career in software development. She was on the fast track to nowhere in her new job and she seemed to be stuck in one place. But then things take an unexpected turn, bringing the sexy and dominating Billionaire, Jackson Irons, into her life. The dominating playboy bachelor is completely out of her league. Can Zoe handle his secret desires for domination and control?

    Jackson Irons, CEO of a leading software company, stopped looking for love a long time ago and became interested only in pleasure. But one hot and steamy night with Zoe has changed everything. Will he fall in love again? Can he call what he has with Zoe love? Has he found the spark of love with Zoe?

    Someone from Jackson's past threatens to destroy everything for him and Zoe. What Price will Zoe and Jackson have to pay to be together?