short erotic romance

  • Boston by R.V. Asher

    0 out of 5

    ♥♥♥Now with new cover and 5,000+ word HEA epilogue!♥♥♥

    Mac thinks the attraction between her and Boston is merely physical. So why does it feel impossible to let him go?

    If you had met me before this week, you’d have thought I was one of the most responsible, play-it-safe human beings on the planet. You’d have assumed someone juggling three jobs and managing her own business wouldn’t even have the time to get involved in messy relationships.

    That’s what I thought, too.

    I was wrong.

    This week, I met Boston. He wears the ripped jeans, messy hair, and adorable look like he was born that way. I’m game for some harmless flirting, maybe a little more, and he definitely doesn’t have any objections. Why deny the obvious spark we have?

    Because that’s all it is: a spark. The sooner I can enjoy a taste of Boston’s lean, chiseled body, the sooner this silly infatuation of mine will be over.

    Then I’ll be safe.

    Except that kissing Boston doesn’t snuff out that spark. Not the first time, or the second, or the third.

    Instead of satisfying my curiosity, I want to know about him: why he’s dropped everything to help out his family, why he has a way of calming tense situations down, why I can’t get enough of his smile.

    Why he’s making me question everything I thought I wanted.

    Why I can’t stay away…

    Series Description: In the midst of rumors, secrets, and lies, twenty-somethings traverse friendships and find love in the cozy, fictional town of Last Call, Virginia. Each book follows a different heroine and her love interest, offering memorable heat, endearing men, interconnected standalone plots, and a HFN/HEA.

    ◆Professionally edited by Faith Williams of the Atwater Group.◆

    18+ due to mature content and “open-door” scenes with enough heat to melt your socks off.
    Triggers: Loss of loved ones, topic of domestic abuse, overdosing, topic of drug use.

  • Send Me One Back? eight eclectic stories of gay erotic romance by Lou Skelton

    0 out of 5

    An eclectic gay romance collection from new author Lou Skelton. Each of the eight full-length short stories takes you somewhere new, from sweet friends-to-more romance in a winter cabin to a misbehaving Earl’s private party at the court of Queen Anne. Whether the heat is mild or scorching, humour and heart are at the centre of every story.

    – Eight short stories
    – 40,000 words
    – Heat levels from low to very high
    – HFN endings, some non-traditional

    Featured tropes:
    – Strangers on a train
    – Holiday/vacation romance
    – Only one bed
    – Hot neighbours
    – Priest kink with a difference
    – A therapeutic threesome
    – Historical master/servant
    – A supernatural rite of passage

    Contains explicit M/M content and coarse language. For a complete list of content warnings, please check my website.

  • Satisfying Extortion by Natalie Acres

    0 out of 5

    Suzette Phillips has not only managed to gain the attention of a killer, but she also manages to attract three bad-asses who seemingly believe she belongs to them. As if her situation couldn’t be much worse, Suzette discovers she’s mated to these bikers and they’re racing against time to consummate their claims.

    Kurt, Marcus, and Blaez are known for bedding the ladies and tracking extortionists. Vigilantes with a blood thirst for stopping a killer, these biker-shifters are doomed for change the second they stumble upon their mate, but spotting her and claiming her are two different beasts altogether.

    To complicate matters more, Marcus and Blaez can’t escape their seedy recent past. When the extortionist strikes again, he smacks below the belt with harrowing truths. Soon, a club prospect falls victim to the very villain the MC has tried to destroy. And Suzette must decide if she will embrace her fated love or fight it every step of the way.