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  • Oliver (Inked Menace #2) by Ryanne Hawk

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    Amara Delco wants revenge…

    Captured and tortured in the name of science, the Sergeant at Arms and snow leopard turns to her motorcycle club to seek vengeance. But things get complicated when she travels from England to the U.S. and comes face to face with her fated mate. He’s one entanglement she’s not prepared for.

    Oliver ‘Pretty-Boy’ Ridgeway has never known true inner pain…

    …until a sexy shifter with a British accent marches into his life and he sees just how cruel humans can be. One whiff of her intoxicating scent is all it takes for the tiger to know he’s found his mate. Now he’s on a mission to track down her enemies and prove he’s the right beast to stand by her side.

    Because Hell hath no fury like two shifters on the hunt for blood…and on the run from their feelings.