Sheri Savill

  • Owning Julia by Sheri Savill

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    This book is intended for mature audiences (21 and over only).

    How far will a young woman go to realize a fantasy?

    Julia, a young submissive, and Rob, her boyfriend of three years, are in a healthy consensual D/s relationship.

    When Julia reluctantly confesses to Rob that she fantasizes about submitting to other men, Rob decides to help her test her limits by bringing her fantasy to life. He arranges to have four of his friends share Julia for an afternoon — with his full approval and participation. She is to surrender herself — her power, her body — to the four men, just as she does to Rob.

    But there are questions: Can she handle the intensity of her fantasy as it unfolds for real? What does living out her fantasy mean for the future and character of her relationship with Rob? Will she give herself fully to the other men, or will she reserve the most intimate depths of her submissive self solely for one true owner?

    The reality of what Julia will experience during the long afternoon will test her limits, her obedience in submission, and determine just who really … “owns” Julia.

    Publisher’s Note: This BDSM-themed novella is fictional entertainment and features the following activities, all of which are presented in a clearly consensual context: Dominance/submission (M/F, menage), bondage, spanking, humiliation, breast play, consensual sex in various forms, face-slapping. Please do not read this book if you are offended by any of these themes. 

    18522 words.