Sheri-Lynn Marean

  • Saberthorn by Sheri-Lynn Marean by Sheri-Lynn Marean

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    Is she his enemy …
    … or salvation?

    Only a soul mate can save him from turning rogue and setting humanity on fire.

    When Saberthorn’s niece is murdered, his dragon cry of vengeance is heard far and wide. In days he’s eliminated all responsible, except one. The witch he seeks eludes him. Ten years later, on the verge of losing his humanity, a portal opens. The dragon in Saberthorn roars.

    Could it really be her?

    The hunt is on. But when he catches up to his amber-eyed enemy and she knocks him on his rear with a well placed fist, a deep craving awakens. Will Saber be able to follow through on his vow?

    Hang on tight as you soar with sexy shifters because this powerful tale of love will leave you breathless.

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