Shay Lush

  • On The Crest by Shay Lush

    0 out of 5

    Their mother’s suicide has left Jake Kelly to care for his younger brothers. Now he finds himself drawn into a life selling drugs around Huntington Beach in a bid to keep their heads above water and a roof over head. The gun surfer of the local board riders club is wasting his talent and life with seemingly no other way forward.

    Until that is, when his world is turned upside down by two separate cataclysmic events that will change everything. Forced by the first to reconsider the path his life is taking, Jake’s world will never be the same again; but it’s when he meets beautiful beach girl Amy that his life spins on its axis. Will she be able to give herself over to his love? Or will her old fears surface denying her yet again the chance for happiness.

    Not only will Jake face the demons of his former life but just as the flames of love flicker to life with Amy a crushing event will force them apart, their love seemingly ended just as it was beginning.

    Set against the backdrop of the beaches of California the story of Jakes emergence onto the world professional surfing scene and the love he feels for Amy will pull you into the pages as their lives entwine.