Shauna Michaels

  • Taken by the Megalodon (Monstertantra BDSM Shifter Erotica) by Shauna Michaels

    0 out of 5

    On a mission to avenge the death of her lover and master Rafe, Bronwyn is pushing her boat to its limits and throwing out a chum trail for his murderer, the Megalodon. Her impossible and unlikely objective: to lead the beast into a scientist’s iron-barred trap. Her boat is shuddering, her slave and shipmate Peleus’s courage is flagging, and the Megalodon is closing on them fast. She’s finally seeing how helpless this all is, how foolish she was to agree to it in her rage.Will she make it to the trap before the Megalodon reaches her boat, and if not, will he be gentle? Caution: contains graphic depictions of Megalodon-on-boat violence and giant-on-girl fishing pole whippings. This erotic fiction is only for those 18 and older and sharkman-curious. It’s 50 Shades of Grey after too much sea salt, The Little Mermaid on Cialis, Hans Christian Andersen after eating a whole bucket of oysters. All the play depicted herein is graphic, forceful, and blood-thirsty. Please read only if you’re interested in nonconsentual kink.

  • SNOWED IN WITH THE YETI by Shauna Michaels

    0 out of 5

    Abigail has traveled to the northern lands of Verandt, on an expedition to find the yeti. Her scientist-father plots to capture the creature,

    but she begins to fantasize about it. After her father leaves to gather men to bring the yeti back to Verandt, Abigail is cut off by a blizzard. It is so cold in the

    facility, and so lonely. What else is a beast-curious girl to do but unlock the door?