Sharon Page

  • Fight For Me (Invitation to Eden Series) by Sharon Page

    0 out of 5

    I had to leave my husband, MMA fighter Ryder King because he is so haunted by demons, he won’t let me into his heart. I start to fall for billionaire ex-fighter Xavier Malone. But when I accept an invitation to Eden, a luxurious fantasy resort, I discover both men plan to fight for me—in the ring and in bed.

  • The Seduction in the Sun Box Set: 9 Sizzling Exotic Getaway Romances from Bestselling Authors by Lauren Hawkeye, Opal Carew, Adriana Hunter, Daire St. Denis, Marian Tee, Sharon Page, Cherise Sinclair, Cat Kalen, Suzanne Rock

    0 out of 5

    The Seduction in the Sun Box Set: 9 Sizzling Romances set under the hot sun… 1000 pages!

    Indulge in nine scorching romances that will whisk you away from the winter chill… with steamy new adult, sexy billionaires, and alphas wielding ribbons and rope, these books by bestselling authors will take you someplace very hot indeed…

    HANDS ON WITH THE CEO by Cat Kalen

    When a self conscious college sophomore takes an au pair job in Greece, sitting for a gorgeous billionaire CEO, she knows he’s just the guy to give her the sexual experiences she’s looking for. Too bad he’s hands off. Or is he?

    ONE HOT WINTER BREAK by USA Today Bestselling Author Sharon Page

    College student Mia Reynolds just broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Ryan, and gets an offer she can’t refuse from billionaire’s son Jonathon Powell: a week at an exotic resort. Jonathon’s wicked games intrigue Mia. But ultimately, is it Jonathon she loves… or Ryan?

    SOMETHING BORROWED by New York Times Bestselling Author Adriana Hunter

    What do you do when the one man you were meant to be with already belongs to another?

    For Dana Marshall, new wedding planner and curvy single, “”always the bridesmaid, never the bride”” is the story of her life. But when she is assigned to help manage a dream wedding for an important client, nothing can prepare her for the encounter with the insanely handsome groom…

    DEBT OF HONOR by New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew

    Held captive by a domineering sheikh…

    …and made to pay for a crime she did not commit.

    Angelica couldn’t believe that hopping off a plane during a refueling stop to search for one-of-a-kind souvenirs could lead to so much trouble. Now she is detained in an exotic country by a devastatingly handsome sheikh… and ends up in his harem.

    HOW TO TRAIN A LOVER- A SAVAGE INERACTIVE by New York Times Bestselling Author Daire St. Denis

    Tessa’s off to spend some much needed R&R in the Greek Isles on the luxury yacht of playboy billionaire and sexual dominant, Alander Papadakis. However, when Alander breaks one of her golden rules, her holiday plans take a turn and she jets off–solo–to the island of Lesvos where she happens upon a mysterious young man from her past.

    VEGAS HEAT by New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Hawkeye

    Anna Phillips and her husband Austin are in a marital rut. In a last ditch attempt to save their marriage, they decide to take a road trip. The destination? The Last Temptation Resort and Casino in Vegas… which is also a BDSM club… with an enticing stranger.

    BREAKING FREE by USA Today Bestselling Author Cherise Sinclair

    A submissive, Beth must yield to become aroused, but after a sadistic husband, she’s too scared to give up control. The last thing she wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom. But that’s just what she gets.

    THAT ONE TIME by New York Times Bestselling Author Marian Tee

    23-year-old Ayah Chandler believes in love at first sight, and she should – since it only took that one time for her to fall head over heels. Billionaire Nic de Koningh grew up trusting no one but himself. But can love spring from one moment of connection?

    TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE by Suzanne Rock

    Quinn and Declan enjoy having sex together, but love sharing a woman more. After months of searching, they’ve lost hope of ever finding a permanent third to complete them. Then they meet shy, reclusive Hannah and everything changes. They’ll have to do everything they can to convince her that two men are better than one.”