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  • Naughty Neighbors by Destiny Blaine

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    After her football superstar boyfriend is caught in a compromising position, Kara Ball has had enough. Tired of waiting on the sidelines, she decides the role of jilted lover doesn’t work for her. Kara springs into action and pursues her sexy neighbor, an irresistible Dom who is twenty-seven years her senior and the object of her most recent fantasies.

    Zak Stone stops by Kara’s condominium to drop off a parcel, but after the sultry seductress learns of her boyfriend’s sudden engagement to another woman, plans change. As Kara opens up the package filled with illicit toys, the naughty ideas start churning. She invites Zak to stay overnight, hoping an evening of passion will keep him coming back for more. Fortunately for Kara, Zak has plans of his own for the sensual submissive.