sexy and romance

  • Men in Uniform Box Set by M.D. Dalrymple

    0 out of 5

    Three sexy cop novellas in one set! Steamy romances about the Boys in Blue and those who love them!
    Night Shift: Officer Matthew Danes is all about his job on patrol. When the enchanting Rosemarie enters his life, they are swept up in a passionate romance. Until one day when Officer Danes job hits too close to his heart. Can he and his boys in blue save Rosemarie?

    Day Shift: An officer. His wife. And the blonde bombshell who wants him. Officer Ramon Garza is happily married when he has a rogue encounter with a woman who decides she wants him. What will Officer Garza do when she won’t let go?

    Overtime: Officer Tyrell Blaser, otherwise known as Blaser the Player, is one of the sexiest cops on patrol. When he meets Vivienne, it is no holds barred as they begin a passionate affair. But her ex is can’t let go, and Officer Blaser and the boys in blue have to work overtime to stop the guy.

  • Private Screening by Purity Pierce

    0 out of 5

    Georgina and Terrance love going to the movies in D.C.’s Chinatown but not for the reasons you may think! A matinee, a nearly empty theater, a long back hallway all lends itself to a very interesting morning!

  • The Road Home by Krista Sandor

    0 out of 5

    You can outrun a lot of things. The truth isn’t one of them.
    Jenna Lewis has spent the last fourteen years lying about her past, but all that changes when a family emergency calls her back to the quaint town of Langley Park. Her plan is to get in and get out as quickly as possible, but things become complicated when she encounters her lost childhood love who is struggling with his own demons. While neither wants to admit their connection is still lightning-hot, the intensity of their attraction is too strong to deny. But not everything is as it seems. Unsettling events begin to occur, threatening not only Jenna’s second chance at love but her very life. Will she survive what lies ahead? Can her heart navigate The Road Home?
    The Road Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.

  • Glass Towers, Champagne Showers by Adler and Holt

    0 out of 5

    Beautiful small-town interior decorator Danielle Austen-Pyne has finally rid herself of her charismatic two-timing husband Bradley Pyne. While she has sworn off men, Danielle secretly retains her romantic ideals about love and marriage.

    ​HARRISON TOWERS, an enigmatic mega mogul, however, has turned his own romantic loss into a coldly cynical attitude about relationships and women. This sexual master has vowed to keep his relationships strictly physical with no strings attached.

    ​This powerful business tycoon is about to break all of Danielle’s rules and his own, as they embark on an intensely erotic and passionate, no-strings attached relationship.

    As Danielle gets closer to Harrison Towers, she quickly learns being in Harrison’s world is not all glamour when power, lust, money, greed and danger present themselves at every angle and threatens to tear them apart.