sexual exploration

  • Lessons (In Love, Lust and Life) by Karl Jones

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    Some things can’t be learned in a classroom.

    Graduation night is a night never to be forgotten by Ellie West, but it’s nothing to what comes after.

    When her best friend takes her to a party with a difference, to show her the life she’s been hiding, Ellie feels passion for the first time. Passion which is magnified a thousand times when she quite literally bumps into the hunky alpha dom, James Harvey.

    James is immediately taken with the innocent Ellie, and offers her a chance to explore her newly discovered passion. If she will surrender to him for a fortnight, he will teach her about sex and the sexual lifestyle of pleasure and pain that he enjoys.

    Throwing caution to the wind, Ellie leaps at the opportunity, but quickly finds things getting out of control as James becomes more and more dominating.

    Can Ellie survive James’ lessons without losing herself? Will she be able to live a normal life again afterwards?

    Sometimes it’s the unexpected things in life that help you discover yourself.