sex swing

  • My Billionaire Bosses Bundle by Gilda Gang

    0 out of 5

    Everyone working above the 51st floor under the powerful Partners at Parker and Partners must sign a contract to obey any command without question. Personal Assistants are paid obscenely well for the mess their duties make of their morals and bodies. Jenna Hale never imagined doing any of the things she’s ordered to, but the job has perks she wants more of. Just as she starts to love the unorthodox arrangement, she overhears a hostile takeover plot. Can Jenna use her position to get evidence in time, or will she end up on the unemployment line?

  • Becoming a Billionaire Boss by Gilda Gang

    0 out of 5

    Jenna Hale’s an intimate personal assistant, used by her boss and his Partners for anything imaginable. She’s waited months for a chance at a promotion, and now she’s expected to serve ten Partners at the International Convention in Dubai. Can she prove her worth, or will she end up on the unemployment line like the assistant who came before her?

  • Obeying my Billionaire Bosses by Gilda Gang

    0 out of 5

    Jenna Hale has to do whatever her bosses at Parker and Partners say. She signed an indefinite binding contract in exchange for an obscene amount of money and duties to match. When Mr. Parker takes her on a no-holds-barred trip to the company’s HQ in Japan, Jenna knows some foreign Partners will want to test her skills. When Jenna meets a newly-promoted Junior Partner, her ambition gets as big as her libido.

  • House of Roosters: Melissa’s Story by Amanda Jilling

    0 out of 5

    Dorothy, the driving force behind what will become the House of Roosters, decides, after two years of Internet dating, that she would like to have some sisters guard her back.

    She imagines a club, like the old Victorian gentlemen’s clubs. Dorothy’s primary desire is to create an environment in which it is safe for women to explore their deepest sexual fantasies.

    Nineteen women, including Melissa, are drawn to Dorothy’s vision. Three men that Dorothy has met through the Internet become the initial Roosters. They form a Board of Directors and start the process of building the club.

    From these humble beginnings the club grows, within the short space of a year, until it requires the space of a factory building.

    Along the way they learn how to recruit and test Roosters, host parties and market the Rooster concept. They also add a Sybian and a sex swing.

    Throughout the book a wide variety of sexual activity is graphically described.