sex memoir

  • Seeking Ecstasy (an erotic memoir) by Anna P.

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    The frank and explicitly raw sex memoir from a female tech executive in Silicon Valley, California!

    Before leaving for her freshman year at college, Anna spends summer vacation in The Hamptons. Here she meets David, an experienced older man obsessed with anal sex. When he introduces young Anna to the pleasures of backdoor loving, she feels as if she’s been awakened to an ecstasy she never dreamed possible. She becomes David’s protégé and lover until the summer reaches a painful end. But Anna is unable to forget her first love David. He ignited a need in her she can’t ignore. In her quest for sexual fulfillment, Anna offers herself to men eager to satisfy this need, even to the point of her own degradation. She engages in high-risk anal sex, starting with her college professors to men she later meets through the sex personals. She knows she’s searching for another David. Will she find him?