Serene Kwan

  • The Matching Love Game : Blind Dates by Serene Kwan

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    Blind dates? You would have to be crazy in this day and age, to trust something as important as a relationship to chance! What a preposterous proposal? But for Phoebe Spiros – the most eligible girl at Kent University – her love life leaves much to be desired, and she is at her wit’s end, as to who she can approach for relationship advice. The notion of romantic relationships totally fazes her – she is clueless about how to get a boy to like her – and her mom’s dating advice for her is to secure more blind dates – the more the merrier. When in fact, all Phoebe wants, is to come home from a date, without a story more entertaining and ludicrous than her string of would-be suitors. What will it take for this hopeful chick in her twenties to find her one true love amongst the single men or bachelors available? And how many frog princes must she date before she chances upon a meeting with an authentic Prince Charming? Read more for many good laughs and a fantastic, rocking experience as Phoebe fumbles over her attempts to hook up with guys from different walks of life!