sensual romance series

  • Hotel Secrets Miami – Book 4 by Jessie Berks

    0 out of 5

    One of the most powerful men in Miami is blackmailing Rebecca. When she journeyed from Ireland to Miami, she had no idea that her life would spin so far out of control. With her brother’s presence to keep her grounded in her roots and her father’s health back on track, Rebecca should be on solid ground. Instead, her mind and heart are a swirl of confusion. With Gabriel’s hatred looming on her mind and Calvin’s distance, she is sure that she is destined to be alone.

    But one night can change everything. Rebecca navigates the thin line between love and obsession and finds herself in Grant’s clutches once more. She must decide what is more important to her, her dignity or revealing the truth about Gabriel’s past. With nothing left to lose Rebecca takes a leap of faith. Will she land in shambles or finally, in the arms of the man who truly loves her?

  • Hotel Secrets Miami – Book 2 by Jessie Berks

    0 out of 5

    Miami has been like an entirely different universe for Rebecca. Everything is more intense, everything is more urgent. Rebecca learned a hard lesson from a hard man who used her for his pleasure and made no apologies for doing so. But will she learn an even harder lesson from a man who seems to be falling for her? Is there ever a right answer in matters of the heart? Rebecca came to Miami for one reason, to earn the money her family so desperately needed back in Ireland. But all of her attempts to be successful have been derailed by the distraction of two lovers.

    Gabriel will never give her his heart, she’s sure of it. But what he does give her is more pleasure than she has ever experienced before.

    Calvin will never share her; he wants all of her or nothing at all. With his fiery temper Rebecca knows that she must make a choice once and for all.

    As she receives dire news about her father’s health, Rebecca seeks comfort in the wrong places and finds herself in the middle of yet more chaos. Will she find the answer in a proposal that she cannot refuse? Will she find the answer in the arms of lover who is willing to give her all of his affection? In the end, the question may not be whether Gabriel or Calvin can be trusted, but whether Rebecca can trust herself to make the right choice.

    Intended for mature audiences.