Selina Bodur

  • Fighting the Impossible by Selina Bodur

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    Tara Whyley is young, beautiful and successful, and you would say that she has everything, everything but a heart. It’s broken. The sadness blankets her soul and the fire in her eyes is long gone. She is desperate to find her path back to life, but the only way to do it, is to get lost in the memory of Him – Peter McClain.

    How long can she go on before her heart breaks?

    For the past three years she is going back to the one place she found happiness. Letting the reminiscence of her one true love in her soul, she is finally free, free to forget the horrors and savor the greatest moments of her relationship.

    This is a story of immense happiness and erodent grief, of love and darkness, passion and the power, hidden in each of us; it’s about finding the road back to life… fighting the impossible.