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  • Secrets of Agent 13 by CS Duru

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    Colin Benz, aka Agent 13 is 25, darkly handsome, ambitious and willing to take a chance. Oryana Yelzinski is ten years older, petite, twice divorced, wiser and worth millions. Even after their unplanned but unforgettable sexual tryst and an unexpected present delivered to his home address, Colin had no idea what she was capable of.

    At MacMurreys, Yvonne Blakeley-Tat had won best agent for five consecutive years. Nothing and nobody was going to trip her accolades. Not even the young pretender whom she suspects was breaking company rules to win valuation favours but had no evidence. And then Colin handed to her the smoking gun – literally, on the morning he arrived at work in a brand-new Porsche. It was an error that will set off a chain of reaction leading to a shocking suspension order without pay, an internal investigation by his employers and a decision which potentially would change his life.

    It was all going well with his new role, a functioning website and a handful of brand new properties for sale when suddenly he discovers that Oryana Yelzinski had been mugged and unconscious in hospital.

    And although he was yet to be given a full condition assessment report on the woman he calls the BOSS now lying in hospital, he promised himself to be there for her for as long as it may take to wake up, if at all.