• Alien Resistance by Amanda Close

    0 out of 5

    In the aftermath of World War III a reptilian army emerges from the darkness of space to launch a ruthless campaign of conquest and genocide. All that remains of the world is a wasteland of concrete ruins and shattered architecture, now the dystopian battlefield upon which the human resistance wages its defiant war of survival against the invaders.

    After being defeated in a violent firefight Tara, a young resistance fighter, must endure the carnal appetites of her captor and his warriors. While she struggles with her own forbidden desires she must find a way to strike back, or else become the trophy of an alien warlord.

    Words: 12,272

  • See Jack Die by Nicholas Black

    0 out of 5

    See Jack Die is the story of a man named Jack Pagan who awoke in a hospital bed after having been dead for 67 minutes. All of his long-term memories are gone due to a near fatal blow to the head he received from somebody close to him. His head injury created permanent memory loss, but left him a special gift� he can see the shadow creatures that walk between life and the Deadside. After speaking with a psychic woman, he discovers that people on the Deadside are trying to communicate with him. The only way he can learn about who is was, is by dying, over and over, and putting the mystery together.

  • Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned by Gavin Hetherington

    0 out of 5

    There has always been something wrong with the sinister and secluded town of Lakefield View. Witness the birth of fear when five unsuspecting workers of a picturesque café witness a family member’s murder. A chain of events ensue and they are all catapulted down a spiralling road of mystery and magic, each struggling to overcome constant obstacles that threaten their lives and the safety of their families. They must fight to keep breathing in a world where every dangerous being is out for their heads… Psychos. Killers. Stalkers. Witches. Monsters.

  • After the Fall: Tales of the Apocalypse – A Collection of Short Stories by Marek Lewandowski

    0 out of 5

    A desolate landscape, wracked with upheaval, the uncanny nature of a place once so familiar. A revelation of what was formerly undisclosed, the harbingers of apocalypse are edging ever closer…The wasteland of abandoned memories, the end of the world or a chance for a new beginning. Be it a personal apocalypse, or one of great cataclysm, the stories that arise from the rubble are tales of aftermath and tales of survival. Bridging the gap between Science Fiction and Horror, the gothic overtones of the apocalyptic imagination are explored to their full extent in these short stories.

  • Tego Arcana Dei – Forces of retribution by Andrew Man

    0 out of 5

    Marooned in a parallel universe on a war-torn planet, James Pollack finds a mysterious time-travelling medallion which leads him on a Sci-Fi adventure.

  • Earth Dark: The Darkness Cometh by R.G. Beckwith

    0 out of 5

    For months an enormous alien spacecraft has crawled towards Earth ignoring all attempts at contact while transmitting a signal and playing it over and over.

    Dr. Megan Williams has been summoned for the most important work in her life, All attempts at deciphering it have failed. Ms. Williams is one of the US Governments last hopes in cracking the code. She finds something terrible. Just after she presents her findings to a a top secret group….all hell starts breaking loose!

    The ship has now parked itself in low Earth orbit in between our planet and the sun. It has deployed gigantic metallic arms in the shape of a circle above our world, completely blocking out the sun, casting darkness over us all. The Earth has gone dark. The plants are dying off. The livestock grows thin. Everyone and everything around you is starving. But you don’t fear hunger. There is something more fearsome than the slow death of starvation that has been brought by this mysterious total eclipse of the Sun. Something ferocious. Something evil. You have heard the screams at night. The unearthly shrieking and howling. The tearing of flesh. The gnashing of bones. The weeping. All you see are endless pools of blood and carnage everywhere you go. But you move forward, ever forward, relying on the faintest rumors of hope that has been passed from ear to ear by the few remaining survivors on Earth. All hope lies with a small moon base with a crack team of scientists and small security force that has been spared for some unknown reason. . Can they destroy this mysterious object blocking out the sun? Will they be able to exterminate the vicious horde of creatures that ravage the living? Do they even know how desperate the situation is here on Earth? Find all that out and more in Earth Dark, the latest in Sci-Fi suspense and horror from acclaimed author R.G. Beckwith. Prepare yourself for this suspenseful speculative journey through the dark Earth and pick your copy up today!

  • Among the Undead (Escape to KP) by Ingrid Hicks

    0 out of 5

    A mysterious virus has plagued the world infecting many with an unknown disease making the recently deceased rise again. In Toronto, a small group of survivors find themselves alone fighting the undead while protecting the younger children that were left behind. Together they struggle as they try to leave the city unharmed and find permanent shelter at Kingston Penitentiary. The leaders of the group Lauren and Tyler, both lost their families and loved ones and must now struggle to protect, survive and keep the group together on their journey thus making a strong bond between them. A bond neither of them had expected.

  • Lightning Seed by Nathan McGrath

    0 out of 5

    A broken America trapped in a persistent winter; all communications dead. Haunted by strange visions, an amnesiac teenager and an army veteran race across a frozen landscape to prevent an alliance of extremists from destroying an entire city with a sinister WMD.

  • Ghost In The Machine by C.E. Kilgore

    0 out of 5

    “Love is like a wormhole. You stumble on to it blindly, it sucks you in and takes you somewhere completely unexpected. You can’t fight it, because that would tear your ship apart. You can’t control it, either. All you can do is set your thrusters on glide and let it take you where it’s going to take you.”

    Going against the rules of her Vesparian Sisterhood, which seeks to keep its entire existence a secret, Orynn is thrown into the open by a request for help that she could not refuse. Seeking to reconcile past mistakes and gain a forgiveness she feels she does not deserve, the control over her empathic abilities is put to the test when the darkness that lives within her spirit threatens to once again destroy any piece of happiness that she allows herself to find.

    As a Mechatronic Automaton, Ethan defines his world through a set of logically defined values and understandings. Encountering Orynn throws his system out of balance as he tries to decide if he should trust the feelings he is developing, or if he should follow the logic telling him that she is trying to control him for some unknown purpose. Should he keep her at a distance despite his want to bring her near, or should he follow the heart he swears he does not have? As his understanding of her develops, he begins to question all of his preconceived notions about both himself and the universe around him.

    In his attempts to capture the Vesparian prey he has been hunting after for two decades, the First Commander of the Xen’dari fleet will stop at nothing and track Orynn to the ends of the universe. On a path of vengeance for a past he can’t let go of, he will do everything in his power to burn her world down around her feet until nothing is left but ash and the bitter taste of regret.

    Ghosts of the past clash with hopes for the future in this first book of the series, set in a universe where nothing is as it seems at first glance and trust is a highly priced commodity.