Science fiction/ Dystopia

  • The Obsolete by Jamie Fade

    0 out of 5

    Edwin Lowe is an average teenage boy living in the future. Society has advanced and so has technology. With the world at peace and his peers at ease the only cause for any controversy is the new man running for president, only he isn’t a man, at least not quite. When politics takes a turn for the worst Edwin finds himself caught right in the middle of it. Will he survive the terror and brutality when he accidentally becomes the prime interest of a self-declared dictator vying to start a revolution? History has a strange habit of repeating itself even in the future. A Hitler-inspired maniac named Normle Cybrin will fix things that are meant to remain broken. But what happens when you start to promise limited people limitlessness? Some will see it as the beginning of the end and others will see it as an end to mark the new beginning; the better beginning. Edwin wonders why he is the one caught in the fire when it’s this man that tries to burn the world in order to rule the ashes. With so many things at play and so many things going wrong all he can do is play fair in a corrupt game of cat and mouse, winner take all, without being rendered obsolete…don’t keep your enemies too close.