Science Fiction Book

  • Disciples of Trikaal by Varin Sayal

    0 out of 5

    Aru must choose…

    …use his powers to protect his family…

    …or give up his life to save millions of strangers.

    Aru and Nemi together summoned Trikaal, an ancient time traveler, who agreed to be their Guru. Nemi chose to master time travel, and Aru acquired the power to read the future.

    But their lives took a sharp turn when paranoid Nemi imprisoned Aru and his pregnant wife. Aru, who considered Nemi his brother, never saw it coming.

    Betrayed by his best friend, Aru now languishes in a tiny jail cell. While Nemi travels back and forth in time, wreaking death and destruction on thousands of innocent humans. His quest for power has turned into an insatiable bloodlust.

    Traveling to the distant future, Nemi finally aims to decimate the last survivors of the human race. Aru reads this future and has a plan to end it all. But the price of doing the right thing is too high, and the clock is ticking.

    Will Aru escape and save his family or stay and save the world?

    You will love this fantasy sci-fi story because it’s a time travel tale with a twist.