sci-fi romance

  • Fever: In Heat Why Choose by Thea Masen

    0 out of 5

    Serina never expected to end up in a harem with two men. But after being sprayed by a mysterious chemical on her last mission, she’s now producing potent pheromones that have started to drive the crew wild with lust. The effects are strongest on Rah and Kelon, two Mahara men who will die if they don’t get what their bodies need–her.

    To protect the crew, the ship’s doctor forces the three of them into isolation and Serina soon finds herself in an unexpected love triangle with two hot aliens. One of them wants to keep her for himself. The other wants to share and form a long-term harem. Will they learn to work together during Serina’s heat, or will Serina need to choose between them?

    If you love why choose, induced mating heats, and aliens with useful anatomy, you’ll love Fever.

  • Beast: An Alien Roommate SciFi Romance by Thea Masen

    0 out of 5

    Her mother warned her that men are dangerous—the depraved Bee’h most of all. Now, she’s sharing a room with one.

    Nomi and J’bel need new roommates. So they agree to move in together. But Nomi doesn’t know that J’bel is a Bee’h—one of the fiercest and most terrifying alien species in the five solar systems.

    She’s an innocent virgin. He’s a beastly playboy. They’re a match no one would expect. But when Nomi expresses curiosity, J’bel agrees to teach her about her body

    Will he be able to let her go when their lessons end?

    If you love monster romances with male characters who are wild in the bedroom, but secretly love to cuddle, you’ll love this sizzling short read.

  • Sneak: A Fake Marriage SciFi Alien Romance by Thea Masen

    0 out of 5

    Stay on the space station and die, or become the attractive alien captain’s fake wife? Not a hard choice.

    Holland Grevera needs to escape. Captain Rook Havaford needs a wife. When Holland tries to sneak onto The Rose as a stowaway, they come up with an arrangement to meet both their needs.

    But the secrets in Holland’s past catch up with her, threatening to destroy what she and Rook have only just started.

    If you love sizzling banter, spicy romantic chemistry, and aliens with interesting anatomy , you’ll love this fast-paced, short read.

  • Yours: A Friends to Lovers Scifi Alien Romance (Rose Rising Book 4) by Thea Masen

    0 out of 5

    Zenth knows his True Mate is onboard The Rose. But he doesn’t know who she is—he won’t, unless he sleeps with her and the bond snaps into place.

    He wants it to be Vera, his best friend, who he’s been in love with for years. But she’s never shown an interest in him beyond friendship. Until now.

    Could she be his True Mate? Will she let him find out?

    If you like your spicy romance sweet and sensual, you’ll love this out-of-this-world friends to lovers alien romance.

  • Crash: A Forced Proximity SciFi Alien Romance (Rose Rising Book 1) by Thea Masen

    0 out of 5

    Neither of them want to be stranded together after the crash—especially when the heat gets stuck on high. But sweaty and exposed might be just what they need.

    When Ada and Galen crash on a hostile planet, they end up in a situation that’s not only physically dangerous, but emotionally dangerous as well.

    Ada usually avoids Galen, because even though he’s the hottest male she’s ever seen, he’s also constantly correcting her. Galen avoids Ada because he’s always painfully aroused when he’s around her. If he’s gonna make starship captain, he needs to focus and keep his head clear.

    Being stranded together is the last thing the snarky human engineer and the strait-laced alien flyboy want—especially when the heat gets stuck on high—but sweaty and exposed might be just what they need.

    If you love sizzling heat, hidden attraction, and aliens with interesting anatomy, you’ll love this fast-paced, short read.

    Readers are saying:
    “Interesting sex with emotional depth.”
    “Short, sweet, spicy—perfect to get you out of a reading slump.”
    “If you like Ice Planet Barbarians but want a sweeter romance this is for you.”
    “My only complaint? I wish it was longer.”
    “The spice is some of the best I’ve read in a long time.”

  • Bionic Passion: A Sci-Fi Robot Romance: Book 1 (Bionic Evolution Series) by LC Owen

    0 out of 5

    His greatest accomplishment was also his worst mistake.

    Avery King, a brilliant scientist and District M’s most eligible bachelor, struggles with his greatest accomplishment and worst mistake–the creation of the bionic humanoids. Although the bionics have made him the richest man in District M, they have changed life for humankind drastically. The rich are richer and the poor are poorer, making the average human life dismal. Everything changes when Avery meets Amelia, a bionic humanoid with a strange birthmark and human-like emotions. He just cannot leave her to a life as a common robot sex worker, and will stop at nothing to save her. See what readers already have to say about this series!

    “This is more than just a romance. It touches on social and political biases – and the excuses we use to continue them. If you like a great love story, a little bit of action, and a thought-provoking read – this is for you!”

    This is a six-part interlocking series following the love stories of individuals as they navigate a near future world where humans and robots come together and sometimes clash. This book has strong language and sexual situations 18+ is advised.

  • The Visitors on the Ranch by Strawberry Chase

    0 out of 5

    The beautiful daughter of a wealthy rancher, Bethie Jo has pined for the ranch hand next door for as long as she can remember.

    ★ Can she still love him when she learns who he really is?

    Bethie Jo is in her senior year of high school, class of 1957, and is feeling the pressure to find a well-to-do rancher’s son to marry.

    But none of the high school boys interest her. The man she’s known most of her life, however, the cowboy who works at the strange ranch next door, is the one she wants. And she is willing to go against all the prejudices of her friends, her parents, and the whole town to follow her heart.

    But Calvin is hiding more than she realizes.

    Cal’s own heart has been tied to Bethie Jo’s since he first met her. When she decides she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, Cal tries his best to fit in.

    But if they are going to be lovers, he must reveal to her who he really is and what is really going on behind the odd happenings at the Myer ranch. The rumored Skinwalkers are closer to her than she knows.

    At first, his differences don’t matter — Bethie Jo loves him anyway.

    But when she sees what the alien in him can become, something vilified by everyone in town, will she stay with him as she promised?

  • Andromeda’s Tear by Thea Landen

    0 out of 5

    Sienna seems to have it all: a lavish home on an upscale space station, a lucrative job waiting for her at her father’s company, and a wealthy bachelor chasing after her. Just because she has an enviable life, however, doesn’t mean she’s satisfied with her place in the universe. When she meets Ace, a teleporter repairman by day and enterprising criminal by night, she spots an opportunity to make some much-needed changes and quench her desire for excitement. Together, they plot to steal a priceless sapphire from the man Sienna’s parents want her to marry. Will their interplanetary jewel heist succeed, or will their attraction to each other get in the way?

  • Used by Leann Ryans

    0 out of 5

    Omegas were told it was for the good of the species, but Elise knew it was for the good of her government. They were selling her to the highest bidder.

    Not one to fight the system, she did as she was directed. She turned herself in.
    Everything she ever wanted was within her grasp, but would she lose it all before she got the chance to collect?

    This is a dark Sci-fi Omegaverse Romance. It does not have a cliffhanger, and ends with a HEA. There are triggers and situations that will make some readers to be uncomfortable, please do not read if you don’t enjoy dark romance with detailed scenes.

  • Baby of the Beast by Sonia Nova

    0 out of 5

    She’s damaged. Broken. Alone.
    After being captured by the evil Krezlians not once but twice, nightmares haunt Iris whenever she closes her eyes. She’s finally safe now, but she can’t enjoy her freedom. Not with Zeon dead. He was her light in the darkness, her reason to live despite the horrific experiments at the hands of her captors. He vowed that they would get out together… but in the end, only she did.

    When Iris discovers she’s pregnant with Zeon’s child, her world tilts yet again.

    This half-alien baby is all she has left of Zeon – but how will they survive alone?

    He’ll protect what belongs to him – or die trying…
    Zeon has made mistakes. He abandoned the Alliance, took up piracy, and got himself locked up in a cell by the very people he hates the most: the monsters who created him. Meeting the human female changed it all, and Zeon will do whatever it takes to get back to Iris – because without her, he has no reason to live.

    But when he finds her, Zeon discovers there’s more to protect than the woman he loves.

    She’s pregnant. With his baby.

    A baby that his makers would do anything to get their scaly hands on.