sci-fi romance; cyborg genetically modified human; space marines; alpha male military romance;

  • Her Cyborg Protector by Ava Paris

    0 out of 5

    His job is to protect the earth, his purpose is to love her.

    Mary is lifted up by Derrick one-handed after clumsily running into him on the street. At first she’s surprised that anyone could manage to lift her – she’s not a small girl – but then when she noticed how big, strong and fierce he is, she finds herself melting. Of all the men she could run into, she ran into this one! Before she has a chance to thank him for kindly helping her up, her mind is already reeling with the thought of him. What sort of man is under all that muscle?

    There’s a reason Derrick is made of muscle. He is a genetically modified human. A cyborg whose body is made up of muscle and machine, yet the heart of a man beats below its surface. Derrick is on a mission. He is down on earth from his space station home. He just collided – literally collided – with his fated mate right in the middle of a regular earth street.

    When your fated mate runs into you in the street, you don’t waste any time on niceties as a cyborg. You go get her. Derrick executes a plan to woo Mary, but as he runs out of time before the date he must return to the space station, it is time for Mary to make a choice. Will she stay here on earth and live out her natural life, or will she return to the space station, taking a huge step into the unknown for the man fated to be hers?

    This is a safe romance with a guaranteed happily ever after (HEA) and no cliffhangers.