Sasha Marcos

  • My Taboo Bodyguard: A Forbidden Erotic Romance by Sasha Marcos

    0 out of 5

    When my regular security service blackballs me because I’ve chased off one too many of their wimpy bodyguards, I’m in a major bind. I’m a celebrity, after all. I can’t leave the house without solid protection.

    Then my manager has what she thinks is a brilliant idea. She knows someone who’s dependable, qualified, and willing to work right away. Too bad he happens to be the last person I want to spend any time with— let alone all day, every day. My stepbrother, Nick.

    Nick and I haven’t spoken for years, and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. But no one knows the real reason why.

    It all started with a forbidden kiss that I’ve never gotten over, the promise of a fantasy I could never forget. Now that we’re adults, who knows where it could lead. I’m sure it’s a terrible idea, but letting him guard my body is all too tempting…