Sara Jessica Marquette

  • The Scotsman’s Daughters by Sara Jessica Marquette

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    In the midst of the chaotic French and Indian War, spirited sisters Cait and Elise McCallum hazard a journey from their privileged lives in New York City to visit their father, Colonel Brody McCallum, commander of a British fort. On the edge of the lawless American frontier, a chance meeting at a Mohawk rendezvous introduces the sisters to two bold and handsome scouts: frontier legends Falcon Cardigan and his friend, the noble savage Kaga. The warmth of their kindling attraction ends abruptly when a treacherous Indian scout betrays and kidnaps the sisters, and a fast-moving tale of flight and pursuit begins.

    Cait and Elise must survive the perils of Indian captivity and trial in the wilderness, and Falcon and Kaga must risk all for the women they prize and desire; trusting their hearts, not just their heads, to gain the sister’s freedom and win their love.

    The Scotsman’s Daughters is a page-turning sweeping revision and adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel, ‘Last of The Mohicans’. Select colorful pieces of fabric from Mr. Cooper’s original are re-imagined and combined with new material and characters to create a romantic adventure story of passionate love, devotion, and triumphant nobility of character. Set against the unspoiled wilderness beauty of colonial America, The Scotsman’s Daughters is sure to entertain and delight modern readers.