Sapphire Haynes

  • Finding Freedom: Learning to Share by Sapphire Haynes

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    Taylor Kinsey and his wife Emma were doing just fine when they first got married, but a few years and a child later, things are starting to go wrong. Emma has been promoted at work and seems to be busy or tired all the time, and Taylor is getting frustrated. He decides he cannot bear the neglect anymore. Their marriage has lost all intimacy and it seems divorce is inevitable.
    Then Taylor gets an idea, one that has the potential to revive their relationship and ignite the spark that has gone out. There’s a problem though: there is no way in hell Emma’s going to agree to his idea. Not unless he comes up with a clever plan. With the help of an old friend, Taylor sets out to save his marriage by any means necessary. Can he get his wife to what it takes, or is their marriage doomed to fail?