Saffron Rose

  • Tempting the Sheikh by Saffron Rose

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    It’s midnight at the oasis city of Samarkand, which lies on the Silk Road from China through Persia to the Mediterranean Sea. In this land of silks and spices, caramel sand and lapis lazuli skies, Prince Tashfin ibn Ali takes his pleasure each night from one of the beautiful women in his harem.

    Part 3: Tempting the Sheikh

    It’s three months since Nedira bore the Prince a child. He loves his daughter, and he’s warm and affectionate toward Nedira, but he’s not called her to his bedchamber since the child was born, and Nedira misses his touch. Afraid he no longer finds her attractive, she conjures up a plan to tempt the Prince back into her bed…

    The Prince loves his second wife, but his days are busy, and he hasn’t got to know her as well as he should have. When Nedira organizes him a special birthday present, it will turn out to be a night that will shock both his body and his mind…