Saffron Hayes

  • Lucy’s Diary by Saffron Hayes

    0 out of 5

    Desperately in need of inspiration, deadline-plagued author Lucy Bridges dives into the captivating world of Club Drift. Hidden in London, the glamorous BDSM club is the perfect place to conduct research, but she soon finds long buried desires resurfacing.
    William Jones, founding member and fierce protector of the club’s members, suspects the interloper, until he begins falling for her.
    Will honesty prevail in this story of love, transformation, and intimacy? Or will they pretend it’s just research forever?

  • Maisy’s Keeper by Saffron Hayes

    0 out of 5

    A hidden world, a dashing man to guide her through it, and a whole new identity to explore…

    An impulsive moment of curiosity propels event planner Maisy Bennett into the glamorous tunnels of Club Drift, an elegant haven for people with an alternative lifestyle.

    There she meets Dan, an experienced Dom who is happy to show her the ropes, but determined not to form attachments.

    When Maisy’s present and Dan’s past conspire to keep her adrift, can Maisy find a place in this strange new world?