Sable Jordan

  • The Doxy’s Daybook by Sable Jordan

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    Rosalind “Roz” Hayes was born to be a star, so when she chased her passion from her daddy’s little clapboard church to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, she expected to see her name in lights over the big city. But Broadway’s dark and dreary without the sparkling Julliard credentials to brighten the way.

    Determined to let nothing keep her from her dreams, Roz writes a play of her own: a one-woman show where naughty fantasies are spun into filthy realities for private audiences throughout the city. A show so wildly successful, it’s been running for twelve years straight.

    Until this Friday, when Roz becomes a costar in someone else’s production.

    Can our talented actress rise to the occasion, or will stage fright bring the curtains down once and for all?