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  • The problem of getting Rich Quik … part two by S M Mala

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    If ever she learnt her lesson that you can’t rely on the man you love, Lily has certainly been taught.

    Escaping to a tropical paradise, she meets an eccentric local woman, Yolanda, to help her rebuild her life so she can forget about getting her heart decimated by Richard Hayden-Quik, once again.

    But things are never that simple and to her surprise, her tricky bastard ex-husband wants her back and is willing to do all most anything so they can be a family.

    Is it possible to trust someone who constantly breaks your heart and spirit even though they are the love of your life?

    And when you have two people in his life, his long term ex-lover, Tia, and his best friend, John Bentley, literally vying for your blood, is there any way you can piece together your relationship?

    Lily continues her roller coaster love affair ride that takes a humorous but dark and terrifying turn in a surprising way. One bitten, twice shy but how much can one woman take?

    Can true love survive and will she? The concluding part to the problem of getting Rich Quik… and it’s a much bigger problem than she could have ever imagined!

  • Pushing over 40 by S M Mala

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    Maya wants a baby but at forty two there’s one problem… she hasn’t got a man to help her get pregnant. She created and runs a website called ‘Pushing over 40’ to help women of a certain age trying to have a child. It’s a place where can they give each other advice, support and hope.

    And as she tries to find a man to help her with this small task, other than the sperm donation clinic regular taking her money, there are two people who could deliver the goods.

    Her brother’s new neighbour Tony or her sister in law’s brother, the wayward Adam. Both of whom she really likes but the pair aren’t your usual run of the mill suitors.

    But you have to be very careful for what you wish for as Maya then finds out the downside of getting pregnant and how it can really destroy your soul and diminish your hope if things go unexpectedly wrong.

    A heart wrenching story dedicated to all women who have loved and lost in the battle to become pregnant when they’re ‘Pushing over 40’… or not.

  • Relative Strangers by S M Mala

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    An unconventional love story about babies, brothers… and the occasional secret bonk.

    Family ties don’t come easy to Ella. When her widowed father Reggie marries divorcee Jude, she is inflicted with two step brothers to add to her current one.

    She doesn’t want to be part of the mixed race ‘Brady Bunch’ and neither does one of the objectionable step brothers, Daniel. He constantly rubs her up the wrong way over the years, challenging how she acts towards her family.

    But he’s no angel and is equally determined not to get involved in the family side of things hiding his own little secret.

    But life starts to hand Ella some bitter blows, unexpected and heart breaking. She finds herself picking up the pieces for the loved ones around her, against her will and better judgement, while trying to hold fast to a family she never expected to have… or indeed ever wanted.

    As the years unfold, there’s more emotional family conflict for her and everything she thought she hated, she starts to unexpectedly love… including the illusive and ever so slightly obnoxious Daniel.

    But is he worth taking a risk on when they are relative strangers?

  • The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha … ends by S M Mala

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    Each person is still trying to come to terms of what happened that fateful night when ‘Hurricane Hatty’ took beautiful Hatty away and the devastation and joy it made to their lives.

    After six years, further unexpected twists and turns take place for Murray, Delores and Jake, each one carrying their own weight of guilt after Hatty was cruelly swept away… but was she?

    Could that really have been the end of Hatty Ha Ha or is someone hiding a secret?

    Life’s twists and turns continue in this tale of young and old love, desire and lust set against the backdrop of tropical heat.

    Enemies show their real claws and secrets are eventually revealed which will bring great, life changing, joy for some and complete tragedy for others.

    The mystery and sexually charged relationships continues until the secret life of Hatty Ha Ha … ends.

  • What he did to her by S M Mala

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    Conor’s life consists of drugs, drink and getting dirty with as many women as possibly. He doesn’t care about the size, shape or colour as long as they want uncomplicated fun then he’s happy. For him love and relationships come with dire consequences and that’s not how he wants to live his life.

    To Conor’s dismay, he finds his married boss Marcus, is having a fling with his very own sister Debs, and Conor has been asked to cover the trail by lying to the boss’s wife. The only problem is that he works with Neve and she’s no pushover.

    When everything comes out into the open, his loyalty to friends and family are put to the test as people he thought he knew well are not what they seem. And when an ex walks back into his life he is once again ruled by the snake in his pants knowing she’s more than a handful to deal with.

    Conor begins to find his simple hedonistic life being taken over by other people’s clouded judgement on their need for love, while he tries to avoid the same thing happening to him.

    Except ‘love’ is creeping up on him in an unexpected place that he would just about do anything to avoid. And temptation is going to lead him and his loved ones into trouble with serious consequences.

  • My mother in law’s lover by S M Mala

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    My mother in law, Joan, is a thorn in my side. I’m her son’s widow and mother of one.

    I truly want a relationship with a man I can trust… and I need some sex as it has been a long… long… long… time.

    I can’t find a man who wants me and who I want, leaving me deflated and sexually frustrated… then I meet Hal.

    He’s everything a woman would want, handsome, successful and most importantly, he knows how to push my buttons in and out of bed… there’s only one little problem…

    It’s a love triangle at an ever so warped angle but when you desperately need someone, anyone can be better than no-one… unless it’s your mother in law’s lover.

  • The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha … begins by S M Mala

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    Hatty lives on an island in the Caribbean and is afraid of mosquitoes and the sea. She longs for friendship, love and the truth about her history. But nothing is easy for her and she is constantly met with a wall of silence and a general sneer from some of the locals.

    But when Jake visits his father Murray, who is also Hatty’s secret guardian, the young couple are instantly attracted to each other. He realizes there is a tale about this young woman which is heightened by speculation and gossip about her background… stories regarding her parents, his father and her.

    But unknowingly the young couple’s lives are closely intertwined and their bodies do the same, as the heat of the tropical sun is transferred to their lust for one another.

    There are too many secrets being hidden about her life and slowly but surely, each one is discovered, only hurting the people around until something is revealed making Hatty doubt her very existence.

    A mysterious and turbulent sexual tale of young love, deceit, jealousy and passion mixed in with the conflict of deep rooted prejudices and regret … The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha … begins.

  • Good Vibration by S M Mala

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    Sylvie works in an e-commerce company, ‘Good Vibration’, specializing in the distribution of adult toys. She’s surrounded by colorful people as well as interesting items she refuses to use.

    The place has been her lifeline, even though it’s made out of silicone and plastic, for two and a half years as she still tries to come to terms with the devastation of losing of her husband while bringing up their daughter, alone.

    Her world is turned upside down when her work partner collapses and his stepson, Finlay, comes in to sort out the business, which his family own.

    The consummated snob isn’t impressed with it and wants it to shut it down. He finds the product and people distasteful … and it shows. And he has his own problems, as his beautiful French wife has just told him she’s pregnant but he might not be the father.

    Determined to keep the place open, against someone fixed on closing it down, the pair fight tooth and nail to achieve what they want, both poles apart on how they see the world and why.

    But could opposites really attract?

    Or is it that they want to be with that person, but all for the wrong reasons?

    It’s about finding unexpected love in the most extraordinary place when faced with every possible obstacle to stop having a ‘Good Vibration’.