S.M. Brooke

  • Entangled by S.M. Brooke

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    When he suggested she break free of her shell, she didn’t expect to get tangled in the spider king’s web…

    Kayla Matthews’ life was messy and aimless. Deeply introverted and knowing she needed to change, she asks her friend for advice, only for him to suggest a night out. What he failed to mention, however, was that their first stop involved a trip to a local BDSM fetish club. Somehow managing in the process to catch the attention of the club’s resident bondage expert, known to the regulars only as “The Spider King”.

    Kyle Lincoln’s life was dull and colorless. His deep-seated need for control had made things a bit too predictable for his liking. Always having found meaning in his ropework, he decides to go down to the club to search for a source of inspiration and meets a woman who embodies chaos and rattles his self-control.

    Kayla doesn’t think there’s any way such a sexy and enigmatic man could ever be genuinely interested in her and resolves to forget him after their passionate encounter, but soon finds that’s easier said than done. Will Kayla find the strength needed to fight for what she wants, or will she find herself hopelessly entangled in her own self-doubts.