Rye Hart

  • Rock Hard Fake Groom by Rye Hart

    0 out of 5

    The HOT owner of the bakery next door is serving her special cream pie – and I want a taste.

    They say a mechanic with a bad past can’t be a good Dad.

    But my baby girl is my world.

    My ex took me to court – and she was granted full custody.

    Judge says she’ll reconsider her decision – with strings attached: I’ve got to find a wife ASAP.

    Good thing the gorgeous new owner of the bakery next to my bike shop has been checking me out.

    And how can I not notice her rack as she bends over the counter – asking me if I’d like a slice of her pie?

    I see what she’s thinking behind her pretty blue eyes – and it gets me hard.

    She’s dealing with financial troubles of her own.

    Maybe we can help each other out.

    Maybe we can be friends with benefits.