• Wanderlust: The Erotic Adventures of Samosn by Rubirosa

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    With the body of a god and the loins of a stallion, Samson’s amorous exploits were legendary. He literally bedded thousands of women. Not content with possessing one woman at a time, he even arranged trysts with multiple admirers who shared in his abundant virility. In Book One of his epic conquests, we follow his development from stud to superstud to sexual icon.

    Besides his own unparalleled accomplishments in the boudoir, we trace his Latin genealogy as the bastard son of a barbarian peasant and a noblewoman from the demimonde. The book also details the loss of his virginity in a ménage à trois and his sentimental education by a lusty staff of chambermaids upon his island estate.

    For any man who has fantasized of enjoying a love life that Casanova would envy, this book is for you. For any woman who ever desired the company of a complex yet honorable master of seduction, this book is also for you.