• Undeniable Fate by Mia London

    0 out of 5

    Was it fate that the hotel in Rome double-booked her room and he, of all people, walked through the door?

    Project manager Lily Bennett dreads the trip to Italy for she suspects a pink slip awaits her return. Fate brings her fantasy man alive when Brandon enters her room by mistake. Kiss by kiss, he breaks down her insecurities making the next four days the best (and hottest) of her life. But when she dares to hope for more, he becomes distant. Now, to forget this man she knows so little about, who’s turned her world upside down.

    Brandon Morgan is driven, successful, and wealthy. Handed his father’s company at thirty-six, he is not about to let his family, his employees, or Wall Street down. His company’s latest acquisition will prove he can handle anything thrown his way. He just hadn’t planned on the encounter of a lifetime with Lily. He craves for her like a heart needs to beat, but a relationship is absolutely out of the question.

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  • Saturnalia Stories: A Night of Liberty by Maisie Renaud

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to Saturnalia, the Roman festival renowned for wild displays of sensuality and vice. Slaves become masters and masters become slaves as rich and poor alike reveal in the thrill of role-reversal and the joy of debauchery. What Bacchanalian delights await us tonight?

    Antonia is a wealthy Roman woman who has just taken notice of the sexual tension between two of her servants. She resolves to give them a night of pleasure and freedom together, all under her watchful eye. As roles are reversed, the young servant Julia gets to experience the thrill of being worshipped and adored. Meanwhile, the hulking guard Uster is in for a night which his training could never prepare him for.