romance thriller

  • Trick Play by Jessica Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Rebecca Stone is smart and driven. She has dreamed of being a sports reporter for her entire life, and now that she has landed her very first job at a TV station in tiny Curtinville, Texas, her dream is starting to become a reality.

    The only problem? Curtinville may be small in size, but it’s home to plenty of big secrets.

    It doesn’t take long for Rebecca to figure out that money, power, and greed are the names of the game here. Everything that the beloved Curtinville Cats do on the football field is overshadowed by the dirty deals that are going on behind the scenes. The Cats aren’t the only ones who are good at drawing up trick plays. Some of the biggest names in town play dirty tricks every single day.

    Rebecca arrives in Curtinville believing that hard work is the key to earning respect and building a successful career. She’s so serious about her work that she refuses to give in to her feelings for the steamy ex-quarterback — even though he has her squarely in his sights. But as she soon learns, doing the right thing doesn’t always pay off. In fact, in Curtinville, it can be the easiest way to land in some serious hot water.

    How far will Curtinville’s elite go to keep their secrets hidden?

    How many consequences will Rebecca suffer for exposing the truth?

    Will all of those trick plays crush her dreams forever?