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  • Gator Girl: The Royal Seduction by Kari Nelson

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    22 year-old University of Florida 3rd year Law Student, Kelsey Aimes has been betrayed by her best friend, Tracy and has decided to venture out of her comfort zone of Gainesville, Florida to the big city of New York in order to get revenge. However, in the mist of pursuing her revenge she discovers that there is so much more to her life when she meets up with Swedish Prince Stephen Lyons. Stephen is good friends with her brothers and Kelsey is there to work as an apprentice in his company. However, before she can start her apprenticeship she is ingratiated into his seductive world of ‘ROYALS’ that includes privilege, intrigue, opulence and a wanton indecency that draws all women in, but not Kelsey –because she is on a mission of seduction that won’t allow her to be party to the crazy obsession and fascination that all women have with Stephen. Because of this Kelsey stirs within Stephen a desire to have her as no woman has ever before ignited. But to have Kelsey, Stephen must meet her on her terms because she has nothing to lose… Her heart is broken and all that remains inside of her is a burning lust that breaks down all of Stephen’s walls as he allows her to break every one of his long held rules.

    Kelsey has long ceased believing in fairy tales, but with HRH Prince Stephen Lyons under her command, hers just might come true.