Romance; Holton Series

  • Notice Me (Holton Series #2) by B. L. Blair

    0 out of 5

    Andrew Moore had always thought of Victoria as family. She was his best friend’s little sister and his little sister’s best friend but recently something had changed and Andrew was thinking about Victoria in a completely different way. She would never fit into his quiet, conservative world. They were too different to have a future together but he couldn’t help noticing her.

    Victoria Carson has been in love with Andrew since her sixteenth birthday but Andrew never noticed her as anything other than his best friend’s little sister. Victoria fled from her hometown so that she wouldn’t have to watch Andrew build a life with someone else. But things had changed. Andrew was now a widower and Victoria had returned home. It was time to make him notice her.

  • Convince Me (Holton Series #1) by B. L. Blair

    0 out of 5

    Anna West just wanted to start over in a new town far away from her past. The only child of a mixed race couple, Anna had learned about the ugly side of human behavior at an early age. Watching her abusive father mistreat her mother, Anna knew that love was not for her.

    Steven Carson had always known what he wanted and from the moment he saw her, he wanted Anna. Steven was ready for love. He was ready to settle down, build a family and he knew Anna was the one for him. Now all he had to do was convince her.