romance for women

  • Plata by Ivy Mason

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    Madison never cared much about money. A plain, bookish college girl from a middle class suburb, she is content to live a simple life. But when her father drops dead after bankrupting the family and her mother has a mental breakdown, money is suddenly the only thing that matters. Unless she can come up with a lot of it fast, the bank will take the beloved restaurant that’s been in her mother’s family for generations.

    Enter Madison’s glamorous best friend Enzo, who invites her to stay with him in Mexico City. There beautiful, foreign women make big money working at The Gentlemen’s Club, an elite establishment for the country’s wealthiest men. And after a spectacular makeover and a mortifying audition, Madison is hired at the club.

    From extravagant billionaires to dangerous drug cartels, Madison must force a charming front for all of her clients. But when she meets Pierre, a wealthy businessman as enamored with her intelligence as he is with her beauty, Madison is afraid she might really fall in love.

    With time running out, she is tempted into a menacing underworld where the stakes are high and the money is big. But just how far is Madison willing to go in her desperate quest for plata?