romance erotica

  • Fertile Curves 2 by Michelle Fawkes

    0 out of 5

    The dramatic sequel to Fertile Curves.Katherine and Jeff have a marriage of convenience, but it’s a convenience that might reward them with a half billion dollar inheritance if Jeff can get Katherine pregnant and she can produce an heir to the family fortune.

    Jeff’s brother and his evil wife Andera have other ideas, though. The fortune will go to them, if Jeff and Katherine fail and they’ll do anything to stop them.Can Jeff get Kath pregnant and will they fall in love in the process or will they go their separate ways?

  • The Secretary’s Dilemma Volume 1 Billionaire Erotic Romance Billionaire Boss by C K Bishop

    0 out of 5

    Chan is a smart, driven woman who has been forced into an assistant position that is far beneath her skill level. She lets her new boss know, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thinks of this new arrangement. However, his disarming sensibility and good looks threaten to break down her guard. Now Chan must learn to balance job dissatisfaction with a growing passion for her superior!

  • Club Luxe 1: The Private Room by Olivia Noble

    0 out of 5

    Victoria Chase is Chicago’s hottest new reporter, looking to make the scoop of the century. Rumor has it that in the bowels of the city lies a private sex club for the wealthy elite. Willing to do anything for a story, she infiltrates the club, determined to uncover this urban legend. She didn’t expect to run into him:Malcolm Cage.The famous billionaire bad boy is the king of Club Luxe. Every Friday night, he reigns supreme over untold sinful pleasures in his underground kingdom. His one rule? He never participates and only watches—until he sees Victoria.

    She sets his body and soul on fire, and Malcolm does not plan on letting her go. Can Victoria keep it professional and get her story? Or will her heart betray her under Malcolm’s smoldering gaze?

  • Kourtney Klein: Sex Addict Sexy Threesome Seduction Erotica by KT Bowe

    0 out of 5

    “You are a sex addict!” shouts Kourtney’s psychologist. On the verge of tears, Kourtney wants to storm out. But if Dr. Parks doesn’t write a favorable report, Kourtney will be fired from her waitress job. She accepts her bitchy shrink’s challenge to prove she can go without sex for a week; No blow jobs, no hand-jobs, no threesomes, no lesbian sex, not even kissing. This won’t be easy; Being a pretty blonde with a hot body, and a sweet face, she is hit on constantly. Kourtney truly believes she can be chaste for a week, but she encounters big temptations before even making it out of Dr. Parks’ office building. Discipline.Restraint. Kourtney is faced with the choice between chastity, or giving in to her lustful desires and spiraling totally out-of-control.

    This 8700+ words erotic story is about the turmoil Kourtney is facing, and how she comes up with a clever (not to mention kinky) plan to save a couple’s relationship.

  • Sabrina’s Surrender (A New Journey Book 1) by Laura Westor

    0 out of 5

    Since her divorce, Sabrina has felt lost. She fears she will not taste the fulfillment that is possible, but just have her life revolve around her teaching job.

    To break out of her fate, she decides to enroll back in college. Steamy fantasies begin to emerge involving Sabrina’s english professor. Both her shy and flirtatious sides are expressed as her journey unfolds in her encounters with Dr. Sherin. Sabrina discovers her romantic and sensual sides in this 5200 word story and explores her nature.

  • Rapine: Abducted by the Billionaire (The Trophy Wife Book 1) by Charlotte Rose

    0 out of 5

    A tale of highly possessive, savage, chauvinistic, alpha male, multi-billionaires. Cheryl appears to have an extravagantly perfect life. She is engaged to an incredibly attractive multi-billionaire. She can have absolutely anything she desires materially. She is only expected to please her fiancé visually and sexually. When Cheryl meets the handsome Julian, he pursues her vigorously, regardless of her disinterest and engaged status. Julian always takes what he wants, even if he has to commit rapine. He captures her and holds her against her will during which time he unveils who he really is; a tender, alluring, romantic man although he is also savage, chauvinistic, and primal.

  • Roger ‘N Granny: A story about fantasy becoming reality by Cristina Hart

    0 out of 5

    Roger has always had a thing for older women. However, his fantasy had always appeared to be unattainable… until one day the exotic, mysterious, incredibly sensual Suzanne Black approaches him in a café. Their chance meeting will lead Roger to an erotic experience that he will never forget…

  • Brian’s Dilemma (MMF Bisexual Threesome Menage) (The Game of Three Book 4) by Nicole Stewart

    0 out of 5

    You won’t want to miss this steamy new installment of “The Game of Three” series. Nicole Stewart’s insanely erotic sexual descriptions and realistic observations on MMF relationships are on full display! He was crawling over her again, hips sharp against hers, pinning her to the bed as her head hit the pillow behind her. His hands ran up her sides, leaving hot trails of arousal as they traced their path. Even as she fell back onto the bed bouncing a bit she could feel him hovering over her, the hard line of his dick already riding against the crease of her thigh. She gripped his shoulders harder, digging deep into the meat of them to pull him closer.

  • Too Scandalous The Series – Book 1 by L L Kipling

    0 out of 5

    In the steamy, provocative Too Scandalous, Jordyn Ben-Gary is the girl who has it all! A promising career, rich lifestyle and pure independence is all this girl needs to make her happy. Jordyn is actually very happy until her life changes drastically when she’s introduced to her best friend’s hot fiancé Colin Brooks. The man is full of ego with a devilish personality and amazingly good looks. It’s not long before Jordyn is completely consumed by Colin, but her good girl morals won’t let her betray her best friend. Colin on the other hand makes it harder and harder for Jordyn to resist him and he really enjoys the juicy chase! Jordyn soon gives in to her wild sexual desire for Colin and in no time she finds herself involved in sex, lies and most of all…the betrayal of her best friend! Feeling hopeless, she is soon being consoled by her boss’s son Langdon Bolt who’s secretly wanted her for years. As secrets about Colin’s character comes to light and Jordyn’s guilt eats at her from the inside out, she’s torn between trying to walk away from the hot passion she feels for Colin….or the safe and welcoming arms of Langdon Bolt. Too Scandalous by L.L. Kipling is the first novella in a drama drenched three part series.

  • Ouch The Diary of a Student Spanker by Charles Marshall

    0 out of 5

    Charles Marshall is 18 and he’s bored with life in 1960’s Bolton. His attempts to spank his conventional girlfriend Maria have been a disaster and he hopes that his luck will change when he starts college in London. His diary reveals how hard it can be to find love and live an S&M lifestyle. At college Charles lodges with Anita, a mature divorced nurse who’s quite happy to correct him when he steps out of line. He becomes infatuated with her but the spankings and canings she gives him do not lead to the love affair he hopes for – Charles is too young and self-centred for her to take seriously. Heart-broken when Anita throws him out, he takes up with Maria again over the Xmas vacation. Their teacher-pupil spankings re-live the domination part of Charles’s spank mag. fantasies but Maria knows how to stand up for herself – again Charles finds himself at the receiving end of some determined sixties-style feminism. Charles is finding out it’s difficult to choose between the the ‘S’ and the ‘M’; is he perhaps a submissive all along?

    In the Spring Term things get better for Charles; he and Anita get back together, this time as lovers, and their stormy relationship now encompasses both sub. and dom. roles. Anita tells Charles how much she enjoys having a younger lover that she can punish whenever he displeases her. But can Charles handle going straight from a carefree student to a serious relationship? Charles and Anita both start to feel trapped – he with an older woman in her thirties, she with a selfish boy obsessed with living out his fantasies. Can their relationship ever work? Things get even trickier when he asks advice from cruel, domineering Astrid, his former careers teacher. Can fellow student Rosemary, a tough athletic Jamaican girl, help him decide? As his first year at college ends events reach a crisis point and Charles gets the chance to prove himself – will he take it?