• Saturnalia Stories: A Night of Liberty by Maisie Renaud

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to Saturnalia, the Roman festival renowned for wild displays of sensuality and vice. Slaves become masters and masters become slaves as rich and poor alike reveal in the thrill of role-reversal and the joy of debauchery. What Bacchanalian delights await us tonight?

    Antonia is a wealthy Roman woman who has just taken notice of the sexual tension between two of her servants. She resolves to give them a night of pleasure and freedom together, all under her watchful eye. As roles are reversed, the young servant Julia gets to experience the thrill of being worshipped and adored. Meanwhile, the hulking guard Uster is in for a night which his training could never prepare him for.

  • In Empires and Embraces by Sai Marie Johnson

    0 out of 5

    Caecelia of House Servili has lived a privileged, and esteemed life as the daughter of a Roman Senator. Her entire existence has been one of high society, and the finer things in life, but when an enemy Spartan King comes to burn down, and slaughter her parents Caecelia is taken captive. Faced with the loss of her kin, and the devastating realization of her freedom being ripped away Caecelia fights against the handsome, and fearless King Xenocrates Thernopae. Will the damsel in distress make it out alive, or will her new life be one of complete servitude?