Roman science fiction

  • Crucifix Jigsaw Trilogy – Book One by D.N. Leo

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    Despite her dark past, Madeline finally had her life under control. She was a successful New York journalist. That was until her best friend was kidnapped for ransom.

    She thought she could outmaneuver the kidnapper. After all, she was an investigative journalist, top of her field. She could find out almost any information that she wanted. Madeline considered searching for the true identity of a kidnapping computer avatar a task she was more than capable of. She thought she could set her friend free.

    That was until she discovered that she was dealing with one of the most mysterious and powerful families on Earth.Ciaran LeBlanc was considered a revolutionary in the pharmaceuticals field. He was powerful, viciously ambitious, and he trusted no one. Unfortunately, for Madeline, Ciaran held the key to information she so desperately needed.Earning Ciaran’s trust was one challenge but the greater challenge lay ahead.It was not a computer avatar she that she had to contend with. It was a hologame war. It was not a identity she had to expose, it was a five-century-old-secret. A secret that was the key to the past, and the future of humankind.

    Within the secrets, greed, and hatred, Madeline also discovered love; that she was capable of loving. But this came at a cost – one Madeline never had imagined.