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  • Social Sinners 2 – In The Shadows by TL Travis

    0 out of 5

    Will be on sale for .99 from 3/20/19-3/24/19

    For Ricky “Stoli” Branson, the stars were on his side. Social Sinners was headlining their first sold out US tour. Radio stations across the states were playing their songs, and he’d won the heart of the man he loved.

    Everything was going great, or so he foolishly believed…

    When an accident has them burying one of their own and leaves another fighting for his life, Stoli questions his beliefs. Or lack thereof.

    “Have faith,” his mother tells him. But how can you have faith in something that threatens to take away your only reason for breathing?

    Book 1 is the only book in the series that can be read as a stand-alone.
    Book 1 – Behind the lights (MM) Joey’s POV
    Book 2 – In the shadows (MM) Stoli’s POV
    Book 3 – A heart divided (MMM) Mickey’s POV
    Book 4 – Beyond the curtain (MM) Diamond’s POV
    Book 5 – After the final curtain (MM/MMM) All

  • Social Sinners 1 – Behind The Lights by TL Travis

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    Will be FREE 3/20/19-3/24/19

    Joey Hayes and his best friend Ricky Branson have been together through the good times, as well as the bad. Attending their first concert as teens set the path for their futures in motion. Shortly after, the pair joined band class where they meet Ethan and Mick and the foursome formed the metal band, Social Sinners.

    Things were going according to plan until Lucas Shane entered their lives, disrupting the flow and testing the strength of their friendship.

    When Joey spirals down a dark path after catching his cheating boyfriend, this tasked the other three band members with making a difficult decision that could end his career as their lead singer.

    Book 1 is the only book in the series that can be read as a stand-alone.
    Book 1 – Behind the lights (MM)
    Book 2 – In the shadows (MM)
    Book 3 – A heart divided (MMM)
    Book 4 – Beyond the curtain (MM)
    Book 5 – After the final curtain (MM/MMM)

  • Illicit: A Contemporary Romance Collection by Stephanie Morris

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    Over 20 illicit romances with the sexy heroes and strong heroines you crave!

    Lose Yourself in the world of hot hookups, where the stories run from sexy to downright scandalous and the characters will leave you breathless. In these pages, you’ll find tantalizing romance, rekindled flames, and forbidden trysts.

    From confident military men and suave billionaires to bad boy players, hot alphas, and more, you’re sure to find the illicit romance of your fantasies burning up these pages! These powerful, exciting men will keep you up all night and daydreaming all day!

    Your favorite contemporary romance authors invite you to join them for twenty sizzling stories. Which of these scorching novels and novellas will have you hooked?

    Don’t delay your pleasure.
    One-click TODAY!

    Including Stories from

    New York Times bestselling author Calinda B
    USA Today bestselling author Sylvie Stewart
    USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Morris
    Alexa Padgett
    Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Jeana E. Mann
    Piper Lawson
    J. Saman
    Colleen Charles
    Casey Hagen
    E.S. Carter
    Rylee Swann
    Emma Tharp
    Liz Matis
    Heather C. Myers
    Jan O’Hara
    Maggie Carpenter
    Tara L. Ames
    Shannyn Leah
    Megyn Ward
    Alyssa Drake & Bella Emy
    S.R. Watson & Ryan Stacks
    USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Avery
    Kim Carmichael

  • Reinventing Us – The Rock Gods Book 9 by Ann Lister

    0 out of 5

    Alex-Zander Metcalf knew his life would always be filled with twists and turns, especially living in the public eye while playing the role of front man for his band Ivory Tower. That’s what made life interesting and he loved every aspect about his job in the music world.

    Living in a long-term polyamorous relationship with a husband and a wife also created a fair amount of ups and downs. Add two rambunctious daughters to the house and you had a sweet cocktail of chaos and pure joy and the unexpected awaiting him every day. His life was overflowing, but he wouldn’t have changed a thing, because it was damn near perfect.

    He knew nothing in life was guaranteed and never to take things for granted, but that didn’t have him anymore prepared for what he was facing now. With his life completely upside down, Alex wasn’t sure how he’d ever be able to move forward. But life as he knew it was gone, and it was up to him to dig deep and find a way through the fog with the only remaining “constant” in his life: Chase.

    How do you find a new path when you feel so lost you can’t see the road ahead of you through the unrelenting darkness? Where do you even begin such a journey, when the landscape is so vastly different from what was once familiar, and the resentment you have for needing to start over tastes like acrid bitterness on your tongue?

    Alex must find the strength to push on and find a way to reinvent himself and all the relationships in his life, but creating this new version of himself won’t come easy.

  • Pushing Arlo by MV Ellis

    0 out of 5

    He thought he had it all, until he met her.

    They say you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, but for notorious womanizer Arlo Jones, it’s a case of not knowing what you want ’til it’s standing in front of you. The moment he meets London, he realizes she’s the piece of the puzzle he never knew was missing, but can’t live without. He does everything he can to get her, but just as he thinks she’s finally ready to give in to her feelings, he’s reminded how empty his life was without her in it.

    She thought she had a plan, until she met him.

    They say the best-laid plans often go awry, and for aspiring photographer London Llwellyn, that’s definitely the case when she falls for Arlo. That was never part of her plan. She tries her best to avoid being pulled into his vortex, but he manages to turn her head upside down and her heart inside out. Just as she thinks she’s ready to commit to forever, she’s reminded of the reasons she resisted him for so long.

    He’s pulling her closer. How long can she keep pushing him away?

  • Cold, Hard & Heartless by MV Ellis

    0 out of 5

    He vowed to protect the broken shards of his heart, until she etched herself on his soul.

    Billionaire rocker Arlo Jones is Cold, Hard, and Heartless, and he’s all yours in MV Ellis’s latest novella. Get up close and personal as he learns to live, love, and give a fuck.

    Cold. Hard. Heartless.

    If I don’t rise, I can’t fall. If I don’t give, I can’t take. If I don’t love, I can’t lose. If I don’t break, I can’t heal. If I don’t care, I can’t hurt.

    And if I don’t expose my heart, it can’t get broken.

    As a boy, Arlo Jones learned that hearts could literally be broken. His shattered into a thousand tiny pieces when his dad died, and he vowed to never let that happen again. He had to be cold, hard, and heartless.

    As a man, he has his shtick with chicks. He’s never been in love, or even in lust. He gets horny, fucks, and sends them on their way. Rinse. Repeat. It ain’t broke, so no need to fix it.

    Until London. Meeting her is the start of something big, like the first bump of coke or hit of the pipe. From day one, the only way forward is deeper in, and there is no easy way out.

    If this is love, he’s never going to be the same again.

  • Suspended by Zoey Oliver, Jess Bentley

    0 out of 5

    I had everything: women, fans, money.
    I threw it all away on my addiction.
    Now that I’ve rebuilt my life,
    Tori walks in.
    Hotter than sin and twice as tempting.

    Tori is the one drug I never saw coming.
    The court ordered her to clean up her act,
    And I’m the one who’s supposed to help her get sober.
    Like I’m the expert.
    She’s bad for me in every way.
    Her nasty attitude drives me insane,
    and her sensuous curves make me even wilder.
    She’s threatening everything I’ve worked so hard to build.
    But every minute, our scorching chemistry pulls me closer.

    I’m burning up again, but this time I’m hooked on her.

    Suspended is a 65k words full-length standalone novel with a HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. For a limited time, we have included bonus material including an exclusive book, A Perfect Seal, that you won’t find anywhere else! – Jess Bentley (USA Today Bestselling Author), Zoey Oliver

  • Addicted by Jess Bentley and Zoey Oliver

    0 out of 5

    Women want me. Men want to be me.
    The only thing I want is Chelsea.

    I’m a rock star. I don’t have time for anything else.
    Especially not Chelsea. Little Miss Perfect.
    A country star with a voice that slays and a body built for sin.
    I’ve been clean for five years, but she won’t give me a chance.
    Her brother was an addict. She thinks we’re all bad.
    Someone’s out to prove her right.
    But Chelsea’s mine. Our voices. Our. They’re like one.
    I was addicted to drugs. Now, I’m addicted to her.
    If they go after her, I’ll destroy them.
    I’m going to prove that bad boys can play nice with good girls.

    Will she give me a chance to prove the only drug I need is her?

    ***Addicted is a 55k words full-length standalone novel with a HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. For a limited time, we have included bonus material including an exclusive book, Obsessed, that you won’t find anywhere else! – Jess Bentley (USA Today Bestselling Author), Zoey Oliver***

  • Playing Me by Jenny Lynn

    0 out of 5

    Rockstar Archer Evans has an image problem, but his record label has a solution – manufacture a fake relationship with sweet new singer Corinne Williams. Away from the cameras, Archer has decided he wants more. Will Corinne give in to temptation, and risk heartbreak with music’s biggest bad boy?

  • SPARKED: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    Will he rock my world or break my heart?


    When my roommate dragged me to a dive bar, I couldn’t wait to leave.

    Then *he* started hitting on me.

    Yeah, he’s impossibly sexy, but he’s really not my type.

    He’s pushy and cocky and a total player.

    Did I mention he sings in a rock band?

    And has women screaming his name whenever he’s onstage?

    If I get involved with him, he’ll break my heart.

    But maybe it’s worth the pain.


    I don’t want to hurt Amber … I want to pleasure her. Endlessly.

    Until she screams.

    Relationships aren’t my style, but I can give her memories to last a lifetime.

    Big, hard, unstoppable memories.

    That’s my plan … until I find out she’s a good girl.

    Definitely not my type.

    I should be running as fast as I can.

    Not going back for more.

    Sparked is a novel-length bad-boy rockstar romance with no cheating and a happy ending! For a limited time, a bonus book (Perfect) is also included.

  • Jagger, a Stepbrother Romance: Full Book plus Bonus Chapter by Olivia Hawthorne

    0 out of 5

    We’re two different people.

    He’s my cocky, arrogant, rock star stepbrother, Jagger. He betrayed my trust years ago and I haven’t been able to forgive him ever since.

    I’m in college and the good girl in every sense of the word. Perfect GPA, perfect group of friends, and worlds apart from my Internet famous stepbrother who’s famously known for breaking hearts and leaving throngs of screaming fans in his wake.

    So how can I tell my body to stop going crazy every time we’re together?

    And when you’re sharing a room with the hottest man you know in the most romantic city in the world, how can you possibly say no?

    She’s almost unbearable and completely off limits.

    Jessa, aka JJ. My stepsister.

    She’s perfect, focused, snide and hates me.

    And she’s completely irresistible.

    She haunts my thoughts, my dreams.

    And she’s the reason I do what I do.

    I’m a bad boy to forget about her.

    The only problem is, it isn’t working.

    ***Originally published as a three part series, this edition includes a 6200 word BONUS chapter.

  • Rockin’ Him Hard: Hot Groupies #1 by Lynda Belle

    0 out of 5

    Two college girls go after the dream of getting back stage and hooking up with their rockstar idols. Sweet Fire has come to town, and being in the front row isn’t enough. Michelle dares Shelly to get them backstage. She delivers, and more. They take the limo with the band to the after party. What can happen? The best night of their lives, and there’s nothing stronger for friends than sharing a secret. Shelly and Michelle discover that being a groupie is a lot more fun than just doing midterms.