rock star erotic romance

  • Icarus Rising (A Rock Star Erotic Romance) by Robb Manary

    0 out of 5

    Brandon Fahr, international playboy and world-renowned artist, has set his sights on a new conquest. A conquest so bold that he’s decided to chronicle it in a diary. Further, he’s given himself a deadline — thirty days to capture the heart of Rachel St. Claire.

    Rachel, a Rock Goddess, has been at the top of the charts for years and has finally let go of her tumultuous relationship with her controlling manager/boyfriend. Now that he’s gone, it’s the perfect time for Brandon to strike.

    Rachel feels the heat as soon as she meets Brandon, but what if she finds his diary and learns that it was just a game to him, a conquest? And what if Brandon finds that he might actually be falling in love… for the very first time?

    This is a rock star erotic romance written by a man with a male point of view. It is the first of a trilogy, but it stands as a novel by itself. No cliffhanger!