Roberto Alcazar

  • The Cyber Trap by Roberto Alcazar

    0 out of 5

    A young couple wants more excitement than plain vanilla sex ever can give them, and they explore the kinkier ways of having sex. Entering the realm of BDSM, their experiments with ‘regular’ bondage gradually lead them into fascinating bondage and domination role plays. These are expanded by ingenious twists that stretch endurance to the limits. Such as being ‘found’ in self-bondage and to be punished by a whole weekend of forced feminization and relentless domination. Their search for ‘toys’ to augment their play is crowned with the scary experience of being helplessly caught in a runaway piece of high-tech selfbondage gear that seems to refuse to obey its ‘standard’ program. But the episode does not stop them from looking for more and different high-tech BDSM gear and to the harrowing adventure of stumbling into a well camouflaged cyber-trap from which there is no obvious escape…