Roberta Kagan

  • The Gypsy Witch by Roberta Kagan

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    Romance, mystery, and betrayal….

    Set during the life time of Rasputin (the mad monk of Russia), and spanning across Siberia and Europe

    The Gypsy Witch, is a sweeping tale of the Romany (gypsies), their magical ways and romantic customs.

    Rasputin, known for alcohol abuse, tantric sex and womanizing is on his way to controlling the court of Russia by convincing the Czarina that he is the only one who can heal her hemophiliac son. But when he meets a young gypsy girl he learns that he is not the only one with magical powers. And women’s feelings should never be taken lightly.

  • A Flicker Of Light by Roberta Kagan

    0 out of 5

    As of 5/22/12 this entire book has been rewritten and reedited

    In 1935, the Nazis established a program called “The Lebensborn.”

    Their agenda, to genetically engineer perfect Aryan children.

    These children were to be the new master race, once Hitler had cleared all undesirable elements out of Europe. Within a year the first institution was built.

    The year is 1943….

    The forests of Munich are crawling with danger under the rule of “The Third Reich,” but in order to save the life of her unborn child Petra Jorgenson must escape from the Lebensborn Institute. Alone, seven months pregnant, and penniless avoiding the watchful eyes of the armed guards in the overhead tower, she waits until the dead of night. Then, Petra climbs under the flesh shredding barbed wire that surrounds the institute and at the risk of being captured and murdered she runs headlong into the terriying desolate woods.

    Even during one of the darkest periods in the history of mankind, when horrific acts of cruelty became commonplace and Germany seemed to have gone crazy following the direction of a madman, unexpected heros came to light. And although there were those who would try to destroy it, true love would prevail. Here, in this lost land ruled by human monsters, Petra will learn that even when one faces what appears to be the end of the world if one looks hard enough one will find that there is always “A Flicker Of Light.”