revolutionary war

  • A Patriot’s Love by Diana Tobin

    0 out of 5

    Danielle Reigh has her future planned. She is about to begin her dream career as a physical therapist. When she discovers an old trunk in the attic of the building that’s being renovated for her clinic, she finds a ring. Though she only means to try it on, she gets more than she bargained for when she is suddenly transported to 1775 America.
    Joseph Webster never believed the tales his great-grandfather told of those who could travel through time, but the proof seems to have landed at his feet. Not knowing Dani’s purpose in coming at a time of war, he hides the ring until he can decide what to do with his unexpected apprentice. Before long, he finds himself in love with Dani, and faces the decision of whether to tell her he has the ring, or let her go on believing it to be lost.
    As Dani learns to adjust to the 18th century, she and Joseph plan a future together. But these are dangerous times…fraught with uncertainty. When the two lovers are caught in the midst of a Revolutionary War battle, Joseph must take the chance of sending her back through time—to modern-day Maine.
    In a bittersweet reunion with her family, Dani refuses to say where she’s been. Who would believe her? She tries to move on with her life, even as she mourns the loss of her one true love. Can she recapture the excitement she once felt for the career she cherished? Will she ever be able to find happiness and love in her own time? She has to face the fact that it may never happen for her, now that she’s had A PATRIOT’S LOVE…

  • The Petticoat Letters by Kelly Lyman

    0 out of 5

    At the outbreak of the Revolutionary war, Nora Bishop’s home is burned to the ground—along with her dreams, plans and all her family members except one. At 20-years-old and still unmarried, she moves to Manhattan to live with her Loyalist uncle, hoping to find her brother who has joined the Patriot cause against her late family’s wishes. But, battle breaks out and she finds herself at the mercy of one American ranger, Alex Fos-ter, who is the only person in a position to bring her to safety.

    Her growing feelings toward Alex and his passion for freedom help her reevaluate her stance on the case for independence and makes her question her loyalties further. When she is asked to spy for the rebels, she agrees. But can she partake in the act of treason and do what is asked of her when the sadistic Captain William Roth seems to watch her every move and threatens the life of her brother who has been captured? And how can she grow closer to Alex when the war threatens to tear them apart?