Rebecca Lynn

  • Release by Rebecca Lynn

    0 out of 5

    RELEASE, the stand alone debut novel by Rebecca Lynn, is Book 1 of the new Iris Series and the perfect blend of steamy erotica and sweet romance.

    Two and half years after the death of her husband, twenty seven year old Ryann Thornton is finally ready to embrace life again. Goal oriented, driven, and beautiful, she has a new career, a new home, and if she can work through her doubts and insecurities, possibly a new love.

    Jeremy McCallister is dominant, gorgeous, and talented. He’s a notorious ladies’ man and one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors. When he sees Ryann Thornton standing in the rain, he has to have her, and when he goes after something, he gets it. However, he’ll have to work hard to convince Ryann they’re compatible both in and out of the bedroom.

    When Ryann discovers her new career poses a conflict in her relationship with Jeremy, she uses it as an excuse to run scared. Will Jeremy be able to persuade her to take a risk, or will circumstances beyond their control stand in the way of their happiness?

  • Revelation by Rebecca Lynn

    0 out of 5

    REVELATION, the third book in the Iris series, is a standalone novel filled with humor, friendship, romance and steamy erotica. RELEASE introduced you to Ryann and Jeremy and REDEMPTION continued the adventure of this circle of friends with Ayanna and Jonathan. You’ll love reading the beginning of this sizzling relationship with Mike and Emily in REVELATION! Mature readers only.

    Attorney, thrill seeker, and Krav Maga master, Emily White is a twenty eight year old powerhouse. However, she has her own dragons to slay while trying to work through the emotions of past relationships. As a disciplined and serious minded woman, she can’t seem to stop thinking about one flirty charming NYPD detective…especially after he makes it clear he’ll be pursuing her full force.

    Detective Michael Callahan is fun-loving, brutally honest and one tall handsome slice of heaven. When Emily defeats him in a self-defense class, he discovers no other woman can hold a candle to the petite and curvy lawyer who puts him in his place so effortlessly.

    Michael is determined to teach Emily how to open herself up, not only in life but in the bedroom as well. In the midst of their past and present throwing them into dangerous territory, will Michael be able to teach Emily how to show her vulnerability, or will she choose fear over her potential happiness?