Rebecca Goldwater

  • Southern Desires by Rebecca Goldwater

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    He can save her, but she’ll be the death of him.

    Alabama, 1902

    Melissa “Missy” Harper is trapped by the southern charms she used to love. After the death of her husband, everything around her only serves as a reminder of the love she lost. Even worse, she’s a northerner, so her neighbors refuse to accept her.

    Abel is an every man. Gardener, rancher, delivery boy. His entire purpose is earning enough money to survive. Something about Missy draws him in. Against his better judgment, he starts helping her out for free.

    As they spend more time together, Missy and Abel both begin to realize that love might be enough to heal both of them.

    There’s only one problem: Missy is white and Abel is black. In Alabama, their relationship is a death sentence.