Ralph-Michael Chiaia

  • For Monks Only by Ralph-Michael Chiaia

    0 out of 5

    The dialogue sizzles as “You” travel to Southeast Asia in search of your girlfriend who is having bouts of smuttiness. You want to rescue her and re-unite with her. This book is a quest, a travelogue, a love story, a philosophical treatise, and a swaggering adventure in which to find your unrequited love you’re going to delve into a fragmentary tale inside a tale and find out things normally reserved for monks only. “My fucking god this is brilliant. That sounds so banal. I suck at blurbs. Fuck. This story drew me in immediately with its detailed viscera. I trust this voice because it reeks with reality. Life really fucking lived, love really fucking felt. Singular and vital and never boring.”

    Misti Rainwater-Lites, author of Bullshit Rodeo”Chiaia is a unique, trip-hoppy, visionary of language” Lo Galluccio, author