racy romance novels

  • 2 Dark Mirrors by Ryan Cole

    0 out of 5

    Written by a Dominant and based on his experiences, 2 Dark Mirrors is the steamy, poetic and inspiring story of a woman discovering her freedom and strength through submission to a man whose eyes she never sees.
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    5* on Smashwords and GoodReads, it’s a must read if you’re looking for a great story and a positive insight into real Dominant / Submissive relationships.


    THAT profile draws Lina in a way that seems so (wonderfully!) wrong. It’s so much darker than the others and asks for things that are too much to ask. Trying to put it out of her mind as some sort of sick fantasy, Lina carries on with her life, but it won’t let her go. It’s in her every thought, crawling into her bed at night to tease her when she’s weakest; taking hold of her hand to move her fingers beneath the sheets.

    Falling into Patrick’s world of rules, discipline and mind-blowing sex, she gives herself entirely to him; doing whatever he asks no matter how afraid it might make her, or embarrassing it might be. Finding a strange sort of freedom in his control, she is changing and becoming stronger – and that’s a very good thing because she’ll need everything he’s taught her if she’s going to survive.

  • Torn: A Dark BDSM Romance Novel (Shattered Lives Book 1) by Lexie Syrah

    0 out of 5

    She was a young thing, a child really, full of hope and light, who’s only friends were the shadows on the walls. Others would have found the darkness that she traversed lacking in shadows, but she exuded an unearthly radiance, lighting the world with every step and bringing life to the shadows that lived only in the twilight between worlds. It was here that her friends came out to play and fed her soul with their love of her joy and the light she bore. For without light, there could be no shadows.

    He, a man living in the light, found nothing in the darkness, though his eyes scoured it constantly for a kindred spirit. Always, he searched the void for someone to cling to, some kind of anchor for his soul. For he walked in the light only with help of a mask to hide behind. Under it hid an ethereal animal, primal in its needs and desires, which could not stand the light of day. If only there was one who could give him light without destroying the darkness that filled him so that he could finally be free.

    This is the beginning of Mr. Sheffield and Maggie’s love story. It isn’t simple. It isn’t clean. Life’s not simple or clean, and a truly epic love story shouldn’t be either. Epic love must be forged in the fires of heartbreak, pain, and fear because love is no different than steel, and only the fire of a wounded soul can burn away the impurities.

    Torn will pull you in with the steamy scenes of young Maggie learning about the dark world of BDSM by revealing the dark and primal man that lay behind Mr. Sheffield’s masks. Lust and passion abound in their pursuits of physical love, but always, there is a shadow hanging over them as she unravels Mr. Sheffield’s past.

    But it is not the physical love that will force you to keep turning the pages. Other stories may bring you romance and candles, but this is a story with claws and teeth. It is raw. It is passion. It is real.

    If you’re looking for a story that will warm your heart and make you see the good in the world, look elsewhere. This is about the darkness that lies behind the mask that we all wear. It is about the animal inside each of us. And yet, you’ll wish that you were the one lying underneath Mr. Sheffield as the mask comes off and the cuffs wrap around your wrists and ankles. You’ll know that pain will follow, but in the end, you know that passion and pleasure will never fail to fill your body, mind, and soul…